Best Motorcycle Helmet 2020 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best motorcycle helmet can be a tough decision for anyone. A helmet can differentiate life and death, but some helmets are far better and safer for the riders as there are so many helmets on the market with different brands and price ranges. In this review, we have the best motorcycle helmets of the year 2020.

Moreover, a motorcycle helmet is one of the most important things for the rider. Even you can gift it to someone for their safety. Furthermore, the helmet is a necessity, and it is a law in almost every country to wear a helmet while riding. 

Before buying a helmet, make sure that it fits your head, budget, and your other needs. In this review, we have the latest helmets across the industry. After hours of research, we have evaluated and brought the best motorcycle helmets. With that, we have mentioned all the details of the helmets below.

So let’s have a look at the best motorcycle helmet list!

List of 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets

1. Ls2 Valiant Modular Motorcycle Helmet


Ls2 Valiant Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Our Rating9/10
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Key Features• Twin Shield System Protect In Hot Weather
• Washable Padding And Removable Too
• Hypoallergenic Padding For Extra Safety
• Light Weight, Small, Yet Strong Helmet
More Features

This helmet is a futuristic helm, and it will never be out of position. Moreover, it’s not merely a prop. Though it is smaller than other helmets, too, it is lightweight from all other competitors. Nevertheless, this helmet is having the aerodynamic valiant with superfluous extras. Plus, it owns a room for breathing and has a trademark of LS2 helmets to excel.

If we talk about safety, then it has set a standard for safety, according to the department of transportation (DOT). Moreover, it holds a thick lining of foam for the maximum protection of the rider. It is the safest bike helmet.

Furthermore, this gives maximum security to the rider in a crash, and it is very comfortable to wear. All the same, the padding is removable, though it is made up of thermos-formed breathable thread. Moreover, the helmet has a material molded according to the final configuration of the helmet.

As well, the cheek pads of this helmet are designed in such a way to prevent hot spots. Additionally, it is combined with a ventilation system that enables the rider to react to weather changes. It is the best bike helmet for commuting and a top performer in all conditions.

Overall, this helmet is safe and has a chin strap that can be removed quickly. Moreover, the primary reason behind the popularity is fit to wear in all Weathers, i.e., Extreme cold to hot.

  • Good balance
  • All seasonal helmet
  • Padding for extra protection of the rider
  • Expensive


2. Mighty X2 Stinger Dirt Bike Helmet

Mighty X2 Stinger Dirt Bike Helmet


Our Rating8.5/10
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Key Features• Ultimately Comfortable
• Breathable
• Better Chin Strap Grip
More Features

This helmet is a new model by Vega helmets; Vega is making amazing products for better protection and safety of the rider; moreover, this helmet is value-packed for a safe and relaxed ride. Vega has named this helmet MIGHTY stinger dirt bike helmet. Better than the older version of Vega helmets.

Moreover, this vega helmet is providing extra protection for the young riders. Plus, it has a multi-channeled liner of high density for better ventilation.

However, this helmet has a padded D ring strap for better support of the chin, with an EPS lined chin bar for maximum safety of the rider. Furthermore, the style of this helmet is completely redesigned by the Vega. Plus, it is lightweight and has an adjustable visor system. Also, it has a removable wick dry liner with five exciting new types of graphics.

According to the safety, this helmet exceeded US DOT standards and many others for its high absorb impact. Although, a limited the amount of force is transmitted to the rider’s head in an accident.

Lastly, this helmet is ultimately comfortable, and its fitting is like a glove. Plus, it is breathable and ensures comfortability of the rider while MX, motor cross, Quad, off-road support any much more.

  • Ultimately comfortable and lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Ventilation system
  • Better protection and gives off-road support
  • No drawbacks as such


3. LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Our Rating8/10
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Key Features• Convenient To Use
• Breathable
• Fog Fighting System
• High Technology Shell
More Features

Do you feel suffocated in your helmet and now you are looking for a helmet that has a sound ventilation system? Then this is the best helmet for you to keep your head fresh in scorching weather. This LS2 helmet has an adjustable ventilation system for better airflow in humid and frigid cold weather.

Moreover, the Ls2 strobe is having a shield for the protection of the rider from direct sun rays. Plus, this is a lightweight yet sturdy helmet and has a removable lining feature for better hygiene.

Furthermore, it has a quick-release strap that fits all the chin sizes. Also, it is easy to take off and put on.

Lastly, the modular strobe helmet is comfortable and convenient to use. It is a must-have due to its sleek and smooth aerodynamic design.

  • Sleek aerodynamic design
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Removable lining
  • May break-in severe accidents


4. Shoei RF-1200

Shoei RF-1200 Best Motorcycle Helmet

Our Rating9.5/10
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Key Features• Most Comfortable
• Pricy
• Pin-Lock System Prevents Fogging
• Lightweight
More Features

It is a racing helmet and a famous helmet in the motorcycle gear market. Moreover, RF is built with better technology, and the manufacturer has improved the helmet’s wear-ability and comfortability.

Furthermore, this helmet does everything street touring and racing. Plus, it is comfortable and gives a better grip to your head. Though RF-1200 has a high-quality inner lining that is removable and washable. Also, it is soft and comfy for long-term wear.

RF-1200 Shoei helmet is spectacular due to its comfort zone for the rider due to its lightest snell certification; it is on the top list of best motorcycle helmet. This helmet is so lightweight that you will even forget that you are wearing it.

Lastly, the level of comfort makes the rider use it for long touring rides. Racers will have a lovely fitted grip with added warmth.

  • The most comfortable helmet in the industry
  • Lightweight and good fitting
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Pin lock system prevents fogging
  • High price
  • Some may find the helmet too tight


5. Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet

Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet

Our Rating8.5/10
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Key Features• Ventilation System
• Expensive
• Comfortable
More Features

Looking for a high-end and high-quality motorcycle helmet? It is the right one XD4 from the Arai helmet. Plus, it is one of the high-end of the spectra, and it is also a pricy helmet. But this helmet is worth the price.

Moreover, it has a dual support system for motorcycle helmets can hit. Also, it gives a clear vertical and horizontal view of the rider. It is the best helmet for touring.

Nevertheless, the whole helmet is built robustly and solidly. Moreover, this helmet is known as the best helmets for motorcycles.

Many people buy this helmet for adventure and tours because they offer better safety and quality with extra comfort to the rider. Though it is a pricy helmet, you will not regret buying it.

  • Gives a clear view from all angles
  • Comfortable
  • High-quality
  • Good ventilation system
  • Most expensive helmet
  • A ventilation system isn’t too good


6. Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Helmet

Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Helmet

Our Rating8.5/10
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Key Features• Intercom System
• Comfortable
• Ventilation System Is Good
More Features

DLX is fantastic for racers and not too expensive a helmet. Once you buy this, it will be of your Favourite product. Moreover, it has a sleek-looking design with vast feels. It has several cool features that are hard to find in any other helmet.

However, it is one of the best racing helmets under $250. The rider will have a fantastic race while wearing this helmet. Plus, this is a comfortable helmet with a high-budget, but it will do a great job in racing.

However, bell motorcycle helmets is a trusted brand of motorcycle helmets and known for making the best helmets for the racers. Plus, it comes with a transition photochromic face shield.

Moreover, the helmet will protect the rider from the sun’s UV rays. Also, one of the best features of this helmet is clicking release technology, and it’s just one click away.

Furthermore, it has an intercom system on the left-hand side of the helmet that reveals the card Q1/Q3 intercom. This is the best helmet for touring.

  • Very comfortable and affordable
  • Great Face Shield system for protection
  • Amazing ventilation system
  • Very Noisy
  • Sizing isn’t too accurate


7. O’Neal Unisex-Adult Full-Face Style Sierra 2 Helmet

O’Neal Unisex-Adult Full-Face Style Sierra 2 Helmet

Our Rating8.5/10
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Key Features• UV-Ray's Protection
• Comfortable and Looks Great
• Affordable
More Features

It is a fantastic helmet with a classy look. Plus, it will never break the expectations of the buyer, and this is helmet has all built-in features in it and not made for a specific purpose.

A buyer who is a racer and tourists at the same time, this helmet would be perfect for those riders. They don’t need to buy separate helmets for different purposes. It is one of the best helmets of motorcycles.

Moreover, it’s not an expensive helmet; this adventuring helmet is under $250. Plus, it has a fantastic boasting shell design; the overall look is awe-inspiring and attractive. This is the best helmet for touring.

Moreover, the graphics on this helmet are eye-catching and wearing this helmet, this rider can see the view from all directions easily.

Furthermore, this helmet can protect the rider from UV rays of the sun; it will protect the user from direct sun rays. Moreover, the rider doesn’t need to wear sunglasses, as the helmet will work for that thing too. Subsequently, this helmet has a mesh inner padding that will affect riders who are allergic to it.

Lastly, o’ Neal helmets has a gentle and firm setting bar for a touring and adventure motorcycle. Moreover, it is offering great features in an affordable price range. Also, O’neal knows to fulfill all the requirements of the rider, and they are providing the best specs which you may be looking for.

  • Affordable and great features
  • Flips down the sun rays
  • Best adventure tour helmets
  • Mesh inner pads are allergic to some people
  • Not as ventilated as a dirt bike should be.


8. Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Our Rating8/10
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StyleHalf or open face
Key Features• Pricy
• Half Face Helmet
• Cruiser Helmet
More Features

Above we have displayed the full-face helmets, now here’s a half or open face helmet. It is as well known as a cruiser helmet. Moreover, these helmets are a little bit tricky because they don’t protect the full face.

Moreover, this half face helmet is meant for those who lean backward, and pit boss is a brand with high-quality material and the proprietor of the pit boss – the bell is making amazing products and known for one the best helmets 2019 in the industry. This is the best helmet for touring 2020.

Riders always notice the look, first thing while buying the helmet and this helmet has a genuine vintage look which is having an eye-catching shape. Plus, it has a beautiful decal to choose from. But the best one is a solid matte black in color.

Furthermore, the pit boss is recognized for its speed dial tool. Pitboss has a knob at the back of its interior for the best fitting of your head. The fitting is slightly large, so you may buy a smaller size than the usual helmets.

Moreover, this helmet is easy to use and has drop-down UV rays of a sun visor, which means you don’t need to wear sunglasses while wearing this helmet.

Lastly, this helmet is marked as the best one and has an affordable price range. Plus, it is the best cruiser helmet and a strong contender on the market. This is one of the best helmets under $200.

  • Bell and high-quality shell
  • Perfect fit for everyone, available in different sizes with the speed dial tool
  • Neck curtain can be as a communication device in this helmet
  • Bit pricy
  • Doesn’t work as a sunglass?


9. Scorpion Exo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Helmet

Scorpion Exo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Helmet


Our Rating9/10
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StyleFull Face Half Helmet
Key Features• Sleek Looking Design
• Coolest Helmet
• High-Quality Material
More Features

The Scorpion is a beast of all helmets, and this has impressive features that are difficult to find in any other helmet. Moreover, this is too loud to handle, sometimes, because of its amazing and breathtaking look.

Having such a cool helmet will make others in doubt and create your chances of winning more. You can judge it by its coolest name – covert from Scorpion. It will give more confidence to the rider.

Moreover, this scorpion Exo helmet has a multi-form function. Plus, the features of this helmet are detachable. It depends on your choice that you want a full-face helmet or a half-face helmet. You just need to take the side flaps off.

However, the Scorpion has perfect specs for the best motorcycle helmet review 2002

Unfortunately, this helmet does not have a sound ventilation system. The rider will need some extra protection in colder weather.

Lastly, this helmet is not certified, but it is good, though. Moreover, it is a sleek looking helmet, best for you.

  • Sleek looking, cool helmet
  • Known for the best looking helmet on number 23
  • High-quality material for best comfort
  • Gives rider more confidence and support while riding
  • Expensive
  • Many people criticize the design


10. Bell Custom 500 Helmet

Bell Custom 500 Helmet

Our Rating8/10
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StyleOpen Face
Key Features• Customizable Helmet
• Affordable
• Different Sizes Available
• A Lot Of Space At The Back Of The Helmet
More Features

This is the last helmet in our review for the best motorcycle helmet for touring. This helmet is for those riders who are a bit touchy with their helmet. Bell has made this helmet for their customers to customize it according to their own choice, that’s why it is named bell Custom 500.

Moreover, you can customize the vintage helmet line and all the other accessories that are bound to this helmet.

However, this classic Bell helmet is a vintage style helmet. Best motorcycle helmet as a canvas and has a smooth looking design. This glorious helmet can be customized easily.

Plus, this helmet is budget-friendly, and they are best for what they are made for. The manufacturer of this helmet has updated the helmet with the improved fitting with an amazing, glorious customizable look. Moreover, there are five different types of sizes for all types of heads to fit accurately.

Lastly, this helmet is perfect for its job, and it is DOT certified and affordable helmet around $120 bucks only.

  • Certified by DOT
  • Customizable helmet
  • Affordable
  • Different sizes available
  • Some may find the helmet too tight


Buying Guide for the Motorcycle Helmet

Are you a rider, commuter, pleasure seeker on the motorcycle? Riding is something very remarkable and enjoyable; moreover, if you are a motorcycle lover, you will be looking for the safest and most satisfying bike rides, won’t you? For that, you need to know about the best motorcycle helmet and the best equipment. Before grabbing a helmet, do some quick research.

For picking the right motorcycle helmet, you have to look at some factors, and then you should buy the helmet.


Price is not the most crucial factor while buying a helmet, though everybody has a specific budget fixed in which they have to fulfil their needs of daily life. Moreover, the price of the helmet is according to the material used in the helmet and brand. Also, if the helmet is high priced, it will be a certified helmet by the department of transportation DOT.

Handmade helmets are slightly expensive than the regular ones.

And if you need a helmet for just riding a bike, $ 300 is appropriate. And you will not be worried if you crash it in an accident or drop it. However, if you need a helmet for dirt bike or racing, you should invest more money and buy a helmet that will give you more safety and protection.

Everyone cannot buy a high-priced helmet, so we have reviewed the items in a wide price range, so you can easily buy a helmet that fits your budget.

Style and Safety

Whenever you look at something, the first thing that catches our eye is the style not only in the Helmets but in the other items of our regular use too. You will buy a helmet that is good looking and has the feature to protect your head also. Safety is essential, and a good quality helmet will provide you with security and the protection that you need.

No one should compromise on safety and especially when there’s a lot of risk to the most sensitive part of your body.

Many countries have made a law to wear a helmet for lowering the ratio of deaths from motorcycle collisions. So safety shall be your top priority and choose the helmet that provides the best protection.

Comfort and Fit

As mentioned above, no helmet fits properly, and no helmet is made accurately according to the size of your head circumference. A helmet with proper fitting will give you the best ride, and you will not be anxious to take it off or feel uncomfortable while riding.

Many companies have made the most comfortable helmets for a smooth and sound ride. Also, a well-fitted helmet will provide extra protection to the rider. And you will be able the hit the roads back with your helmet that has excellent fitting.

For the excellent fitting, the size of your head and helmet shall be matched not accurately but nearly. And the shape of the helmet shall be similar to the way of your head. Then, comes the material of the helmet, as the content has a different level of densities and the lining of the helmet.

Moreover, customization is also essential. Several helmets have removable lining and pads that can be inserted in the helmet for better comfort.


The weight of the helmet is an essential factor while choosing the right helmet. If you select a heavy helmet, your head will get tired of it after some time, and you will not be capable to wear that for long races or extended adventures.

Moreover, the material of the helmet shall be very lightweight, and the rider should forget that he is even wearing a helmet or not. In addition, the lightweight helmets are considered the best helmet, and they are also comfortable to wear for long periods.

Types of Helmets

There are several types of helmets; you need to know about them.

These helmets will provide better fitting and protection to the rider. As the name of this helmet, it protects all of your faces.

This type of helmet is a mixture of two helmets. One is the open helmet, and the other one is a full-face helmet. Plus, the modular helmets will flip up the lower section and allows you to do so.

This helmet, unfortunately, provides the least protection to the rider compared to other helmets, because this half-shell only covers the top of your head and leaves the other parts of the head open.

Dual support helmets are well known as adventurous helmets, and they are convenient to wear off and on the road.

Open face helmets do not have a chin guard to protect your chin. Moreover, it just leaves the face exposed compared to other helmets.

Here you can choose a predator motorcycle helmet according to your demands. These helmets are capable of enhancing your personality by giving you the utmost confidence. Indeed, these would be a perfect combination with your heavy bike.

The coolest helmets will make you look stylish while riding on the road. Plus, you can have your favourite colour on that specific helmet you choose. While looking classy, these helmets in our review will give you the best protection.

The custom motorcycle helmets are eye-catching and versatile. However, you can paint the custom helmets, according to your own choice. It turns out that the different look of the helmet will fulfil your need.  If you want to look for a custom helmet brand that has a good reputation on the market, you’re at the correct place.

The carbon fibre motorcycle helmets have the most lightweight and durable shell material. Moreover, this material of the helmet is scratch resistant. You will find the carbon fibre helmet as the most protective headgear among all other materials.

A Bluetooth helmet is a suitable way to play music, place calls, and to communicate with your riding buddies while you are riding a motorcycle. Here is the list of top best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

These helmets are different from each other we have mentioned them above in our list of 10 best motorcycle helmets. Helmets for motorbike are kind of round in shape, and half shell helmets have open sides. Similarly, other types of helmets are different too.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Motorcycle Helmet

After how long the helmet on a motorcycle should be replaced?

The helmet shall be replaced every five years or when it had a serious crash. Because after some passage of time, the foam of the helmet starts loosening its impact, and the foam gets compressed. Due to this compression, the protection reduces. After a severe accident, you should immediately change the helmet for your safety. If you don’t Replace, it will not protect you in your future accidents.

So five years are enough to use the same helmet because the technology will be better after five years. The new product will have better features and the latest technology.

Shall I buy a second-hand helmet, are they safe to use?

Second-hand helmets may be involved in a crash, and they are not safe at all to buy. Moreover, DOT experts will never recommend buying a second-hand helmet. Though second-hand helmets are cheap compared to the new helmets, you will have no guaranty that they will protect your head. Modern helmets are proven to provide safety, but second-hand will never give you the protection that a new helmet can.

How to buy the helmet that will fit accurately?

For buying the helmet that will fit you accurately, you can try this method.

First, wrap a tape around your head and measure the size, but measure about one inch above your eyebrows. When you step in this way, you estimate that right and a more significant amount of circumference of your head.

Secondly, after the head measurement, size the closest size in the helmet chart list that is closest to the circumference of your head.

Lastly, remember that no size of the helmet in the chart will exactly match the size of your head.

What is meant by DOT and DOT certification?

DOT stands for the department of transportation. And it is a mark assigned by the national highway traffic safety administration. Still, they don’t test the helmet themselves, the companies undertake their random testing and certify their units themselves.

Moreover, the national highway traffic administration asks the companies to give them samples of helmets, and then they conduct their testing for safety standards. And those companies who abuse the consumers they are heavily fined. In the list of the above best motorcycle helmets, some are certified, and some aren’t.

How much protection do motorcycle helmets provide?

The motorcycle riders are more likely to fall into accidents and die than other vehicle drivers. And in every country, several people die daily just because of motorcycle collisions. Thus, a helmet that has the best features can lower the risk of dying about 37 per cent and protects the brain injury about 67 per cent times. Moreover, 47 countries have universal laws regarding helmets. And the person who violates the law is fine.

To Sum Up

Choosing the best helmet is not an easy option. By reading our guide and review, you will now have an idea that which is the best helmet for your needs. Most of all, style, fitting, safety, weight, and feel are the three most important things to find in a good quality helmet.

Though technological advancement is happening as every year passes by and the quality of products is getting better day by day if you have a helmet that had a crash or its older than five years. You need to buy a new helmet.

According to our recommendation, the Best Motorcycle helmet is the Shoei RF-1200 helmet. Because this helmet can be used for a variety of purposes such as a dirt rider, a former or the road rider, all can pick this helmet for their protection and best performance. And your investment will be purposeful too.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you find the best motorcycle helmet in this review—comment down below which helmet you will buy.