Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Here is the way through which you can choose the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet according to your demands. Inaugurably, the best gear that you should have on it while hitting your favorite roads on your motorcycle of choice is the helmet.

In this modern age of technology, you can search best helmets with multiple functions of walkie talkie, communication, GPS, and even music streaming by connecting with your smartphone. It found it difficult now to search for the perfect helmet.

A Bluetooth helmet is a suitable way to play music, place calls, and to communicate with your riding buddies while you are riding a motorcycle. Here is the list of top best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

For purchasing the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you need not worry about fitting of separate Bluetooth device. It is valuable due to providing you extra comfort and saving space. The Bluetooth helmet makes you enable you to stay in contact with your riders without stopping the bike.

It has multiple functionalities of GPS navigation. You can locate your partner’s location by using GPS and your way if you get lost somewhere. You can receive and reject your calls by one touch. Its speakers of dual-function hear your clear voice.

Most of the helmets provide you with the best hygiene and have an extensive ventilation system.


List of 7 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets




Detail Page

  • 4.4 pound weight

  • Model is 953

  • 8 hours talk time

  • One touch to place calls

  • 5.25 pounds weight

  • Model is qualifier DLX

  • Speaker pockets are integrated

  • Have anti-fog shield

  • Its model is T14B1 FSL NK L

  • 5.1 pound weight

  • Have anti-scratch shield

  • Talk time is 24 hours

  • 4.05pounds weight

  • Model is Bif01311

  • 600mah rechargeable battery

  • Talk time is up to 9 hours

  • Light weight made up of aerodynamics profile

  • Universal Bluetooth

  • Stand by time is long

  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology

  • 5.35 pounds weight

  • Model is T27B1 HV XL

  • Able to communicate with rider within 400 M range

  • Have dual stereo speaker

  • 2 pounds weight

  • Model is SPH10H-FM-01

  • Compatible with GPS and phone

  • Able to control hand-free


1.     ILM Bluetooth integrated motorcycle helmetILM Bluetooth integrated motorcycle helmet

This helmet is available in three sizes. It has almost 10 hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby. To care for your hygiene, it has adjustable moldings and washable micro liner fibers.

Due to its unique feature of Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, the two bike riders can communicate with each other even if they are 1000 feet far away from one another. Furthermore, both speakers have stereo sound, although bike speed is high, you can hear clear sound.

Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth have noise suppression features and echo cancellation during calls. The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets can receive and reject the phone call with just one touch.

Moreover, it can override the music that is playing if any call is coming. It has the unique quality of GPS navigation and FM radio. It complies with ECE and DOT standards that cancels echo.


  • Speakers are of high quality with a clear voice
  • Without airflow
  • FM radio and GPS navigation available
  • Two meet stereo speakers to make clear voice
  • It can only connect with other ILM Bluetooth helmet
  • If not in use they go to deep sleep mode
  • Intercom function works only with Bluetooth device




2.     Bell Qualifier DLX full-face Bluetooth helmetBell Qualifier DLX full-face Bluetooth helmet

It is available in six sizes, and you can get the perfect size of your own choice. This Bluetooth helmet has an anti-fog shield and also gives protection from UV light.

Furthermore, it has a ventilation system for your comfort to keep you cool and also wind collar pads to reduce wind and road noise. The vents are adjustable, and also have a moist and washable interior lining.

This motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth is made up of polycarbonate and very light in weight. To stay in connection with others, it has integrated speaker pockets and has designed to accommodate headset within pockets.


  • Washable and adjustable wind pads
  • Battery timing is pretty good
  • Have a useful transition lens
  • Easy chin strap
  • Bell specific require to work properly
  • upper two vents are shaking
  • Cut into Sena can distort hearing



3.     Torc T14B Bluetooth integrated helmetTorc T14B Bluetooth integrated helmet

In the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, T14B has designed for perfect comfort, safety, and connectivity rather than others. It has multiple functions of anti-fog and anti-scratch shield that has a breath deflector.

This best Bluetooth helmet has washable interior liners and a D-ring fastening chin strap that provides you protection in the high speed of bike riding.

Moreover, It has DOT certification and has made up of lightweight material. This best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet 2020 is available in every color and size.

This helmet provides you with Bluetooth connectivity and 24 hours of talk time. Furthermore, it has 600 standby time empowered by a Lithium battery. You can contact with your partner within 400m range.

Its speakers have dual stereo sound and have noise suppression feature that makes you able to answer calls in high speed of the bike. It has an intercom facility and MP3 connection also.


  • Chin strap fits comfortably
  • Have anti-fog shield
  • Music playback can off
  • Interference sometimes



4.     Freedconn motorcycle Bluetooth helmetFreedconn motorcycle Bluetooth helmet

This Bluetooth modular motorcycle helmet is available in different colors and sizes. It facilitates communication between riders within the range of 164 feet, and three riders can stay in connection with one another at a time.

Furthermore, this smart motorcycle Bluetooth helmet 2020 has certification of DOT and ECE, which has a talk time of 8 hours and 110 hours standby time. Its vents are washable and adjustable that cares for your hygiene properly.

Moreover, this Bluetooth modular helmet has MP3, GPS navigation, FM radio system. You can play songs of your own choice during a ride. This one-touch system can override your music if there is any call incoming.

However, it has dual stereo speakers that can reduce road noise and have features of echo cancellation. You can hear a clear voice during fast ride easily. Its chin pas gives you extra protection.


  • Excellent connectivity
  • Easy to charge
  • Sound distortion sometimes
  • Improper instructions



5.     Bilt techno 2.0 Bluetooth helmetBilt techno 2.0 Bluetooth helmet

This best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet has made up of lightweight material and aerodynamic profile. It is available in six different colors and sizes. It has provided with a visor that has an inherent change mechanism in bright sunlight.

Furthermore, It has a Sena Bluetooth system that is 3.0 Bluetooth communication and is superior over all other brands successfully. This modular Bluetooth helmet has strong connectivity with other riders within the range of 400m. You can get full 8 hours talk time and seven days standby.

Its battery is rechargeable, and you can play music of your choice within the helmet. You can connect your smartphone with the helmet and play music easily. The only thing is that the Bilt helmet is lacking construction in all Bluetooth motorcycle helmets.

However, all issues are recoverable smoothly. Within a full-face motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth Bilt has an interchangeable sun shield. It can connect the smartphone with a helmet via handsfree.

Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth has its name in the motorcycle world due to its multiple functioning. Its helmet is just an excellent offer in all Bluetooth helmets due to its creating reliability and stylistically sound gear. It is reliable for safety and protection from accidents.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Washable internal linings
  • Music stop automatically sometimes
  • Intercom override music
  • Need loud volume to hear clear calls



6.     TORC T27 helmet with integrated Blinc BluetoothTORC T27 helmet with integrated Blinc Bluetooth

This motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and GPS is smaller in size as compared to others but provided with the same level of protection. It is available in five different sizes and colours that could be perfect for an oval head shape.

For safety issues, it has connected with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standard and has multiple density EPS. Furthermore, it has an anti-fog and anti-scratch shield and also a down drop sun visor that protects from UV light.

In the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, it has the best Bluetooth system that enables you to stay in contact with your ride partner within the range of 400 meters. It has a talk time of 24 hours and 600 hours standby.

This top-rated motorcycle helmet has a stable connection of MP3, GPS and, navigation, incoming and outgoing commands with just one touch. This modular Bluetooth system has GPS navigation that can pair with multiple phones.

Moreover, its dual stereo speakers have an anti-noise ability that suppresses noise during the high ride and make calls clear and hearable.


  • GPS override by incoming calls sometimes
  • Have a waterproof feature
  • Controllable with gloves
  • Considered to be expensive in the market
  • Sometimes noisy at high speed



7.     O’Neal Commander Bluetooth helmetO'Neal Commander Bluetooth helmet

In the best budget motorcycle helmet, O’Neal Commander is less expensive and easily available in the market. This helmet has furnished with an anti-fog and anti-scratch shield. 


This best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet also has a down drop sun visor. It protects from the UV light of the sun. Moreover, it has vents and interior microfiber linings that are adjustable and washable.


This modular helmet with Bluetooth has a D-ring chin strap that gives protection during riding while applying sudden breaks. These straps are made of nylon that give it a smooth texture and fix it properly over the head.


This best Bluetooth helmet is FFC approved and has 2.0 technology with 10 hours talk time and 120 hours standby. Furthermore, the rider can communicate with riding partners within the range of 118 feet easily. Its speakers are stereo with a good voice connection. Incoming calls can override to music easily.

  • Integrated 2.0 Bluetooth technologies
  • Adjustable and removable liners
  • Talk time is 10 hours and 120 hours
  • Incoming calls stop music while play it again




Can you use Bluetooth with a half helmet?

By using a half helmet, your face could interact with wind and elements, and you would not be able to hear clearly. It can distort your Bluetooth connection.

How many devices can connect with your Bluetooth system at a time?

It depends upon the capacity of the helmet. There are few helmets in the market which can connect three riders at a time, but most of the helmets can connect up to seven riders.

Can you fix your Bluetooth system if it breaks into the helmet?

If the unit has broken inside the helmet, then it could not be repaired. Some brands can replace batteries, but their dysfunctionality cannot recover.

Can other devices interfere in your Bluetooth system?

For the proper functioning of the Bluetooth helmet, you should have another device connection. But the passing vehicle cannot disturb your connection instantly.

Bottom Line

The best Bluetooth motorcycles enable the bike riders to stay in contact with their fellow riders. You can talk to their fellows within a specific range and can enjoy music wirelessly.

This Bluetooth system helps to focus on the ride instead of maintaining a connection to attend or reject phone calls. It reduces road accidents and saves from the trouble of getting lost on unknown roads due to GPS navigation. Through GPS, you can receive your direction at any time. It has a crystal clear reception.

These helmets that are available in the market can connect with other electric devices. These Bluetooth helmets have a similar function to mobile regards to the radiation emitted. The two-way communication between riders on the road is safer than the use of mobile phones by stopping your bike. It enhances your time and gives you extra protection due to the presence of a D-ring chin strap.


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