Best Helmet Brands Reviews – 2023 – Top 7 Picks

Here we have the Top Motorcycle helmet brands that are safe and meet the UK SHARP testing. The motorbike helmet companies in our review have an excellent reputation in the industry.

And these helmets have high quality. Plus, they will offer incredible protection in an accident. Also, these helmets have DOT certification. If you are a bike rider, you’ll need a motorcycle helmet, and it is better to invest in a good quality helmet.

However, if you haven’t bought any safest motorcycle helmets, here, you’ll find reliable ones. And we have explained every helmet brand in detail with its pros and cons.
There are several Top helmet brands, but we have summed a few of the best helmet brands in 2021.
Without any further ado, let’s now jump onto the top 7 picks of the best helmet brands.


Top 7 Picks of the Best Helmet Brands



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  • Famous brand worldwide

  • Initially founded in japan, Tokyo

  • Expensive well-built helmets

  • High ranking by the customers

  • Passed the safety standards

  • Offers warranty of 5 years

  • Founded in California

  • Since 1954

  • Wide range of helmets from costly to cheap

  • Best full-face helmet and open face helmet

  • Comfortable and safest motorcycle helmets

  • Founded in 1971

  • Making reasonable price helmets from 45 years

  • Ruling in North America

  • Most expensive helmet company

  • Top-rated helmets

  • Safe and secure helmets

  • Incredibly reliable helmet in the high price range

  • High-quality helmets with modern technology

  • France helmet company

  • 5000 outlets of shark worldwide

  • 5-year warranty for every helmet

  • Affordable and reasonable quality helmets

  • Serving for 25 years

  • Best quality helmets

  • Passed safety tests

  • One of the leading helmet company

  • Highly modular helmets

  • Best for all seasons due to the ventilation system

  • Italian company since 1973

  • DOT certification

  • Comes with 5 years warranty

  • High-quality helmet brand

  • Italian company founded in 1947

  • Premium quality and affordable helmets

  • Meets the DOT safety standards

  • Excellent ventilation system

  • Great face-shield protection


1. Shoei Motorcycle Helmets

Shoei Motorcycle Helmet
Shoei Helmets 2020


Our top pick is the Shoei helmet brand. It having a good reputation in the market. Also, this helmet brand is selling its products in many states. Notably, the Shoei helmets are famous in Europe, Asia, Japan as well as North America.

Moreover, the Shoei helmet brand was initiated in Tokyo. Since then, it has been making the best motorcycle helmet brands of the best quality. Best of all, Shoei helmets are comfortable and durable. Also, their helmet will absorb the shock in any unforeseen situation. Plus, this helmet has DOT certified helmets that will make them secure and safe for the wearer.

However, this helmet brand has an aim to satisfy its customers with the best quality. Plus, this helmet brand will give you a comfortable riding experience. Also, you can wear the Shoei helmets for longer rides on the town side. It is the best helmet brand of the bike.

Why You’ll Like It!

Besides, this company makes lightweight helmets that don’t cause headaches. Also, the Shoei company wins against all the other helmet brands due to its sun shield. Plus, it is marked as one of the best helmet brands since 2010. So you don’t need to doubt the quality of this motorcycle helmet.

More than that, this motorcycle helmet brand uses carbon fibre for the construction of the helmet. But the only flaw of Shoei is the price. Although if you have a reasonable budget, we recommend buying any helmet from this brand. And the reasons for buying this brand’s helmet is the quality construction and safety of the ridder.

As if that’s not enough, this company gives a 5-year warranty. So you can invest in their helmet with satisfaction.

Shoei Helmet Size Chart

top motorcycle helmets brands
shoei helmets modular


  • The Shoei helmets will reduce the external noises while riding in traffic
  • Secure helmet and you don’t need any earplugs with Shoei helmets
  • You can ride faster with Shoei helmets because it has a lock function to keep the helmet stable
  • Meets or exceeds the DOT certification
  • The Shoei helmets have a sun shield to keep the rider away from the rays of the sun
  • You can buy the Shoei helmets in various colors
  • The Shoei helmets don’t have any chin guard ventilation system
  • Costly moto helmets, so only a few people can buy the Shoei helmets.



2. Bell Motorcycle Helmetstop helmets brands

Next up in our review of best motorcycle helmet brands, we have the bell helmets, and who doesn’t have heard about this brand. The bell is one of the best companies of helmets. Also, it was founded in the US. And from a prolonged period, this company is making the best quality helmets for several types of motorcycle riders.

Moreover, the motorcycle riders will have a variety to choose from the bell helmets. Also, it has a good reputation in the market. And the bell company aims to provide the best protection. Plus, you can buy open-face helmets, half-face helmets, racing helmets, and many others. Since 1954, this company is dedicatedly serving the riders with the best quality and durable helmets.

Additionally, this motorcycle helmet brand is making bicycles, motorcycles, and racing helmets. Also, the bell has a partnership with several stakeholders, including the IMBA, Bike belongs, and safe Kids worldwide. Also, the bell is struggling to make superior quality helmets compete with other brands.

Besides that, if you take a look at the several bell helmets, you’ll know the difference between every helmet. And they make versatile helmets that offer the best protection, sun visor, vents, and much more. Also, the bell helmets have a removable lining that you can wash as well.

Why You’ll Like It!

Other than that, the bell helmets have a unique design than other motorcycle helmet brands. Best of all, they have lightweight helmets. So you can comfortably wear a helmet for going on a long bike ride. As if that’s not enough, the bell helmets 2020 are affordable yet fantastic.

Consequently, don’t consider that a low price will give you a low-quality helmet. You will have superior protection with the best helmet brands. The bell helmets come with a warranty as well. So you can buy any of their helmet with a guarantee.

Lastly, this company is having several classic yet versatile helmets. And some of the popular bell helmets are race star and pro star helmets. So no matter which helmet you choose, it will offer the best protection.

Bell Helmet Size Chartmotorcycle helmet manufacturers

  • Bell has the top moto helmets that you can wear on and off the road
  • Bell helmets have snell and dot certification
  • Safe and offer warranty
  • Available in several color, size, and styles
  • Also, this brand has helmets for females
  • Several types of helmets including the open face helmets and half-face helmets as well
  • Some bell helmets don’t have enough padding inside.
  • And some of the customers said that the construction of bell helmets need improvement to become more comfortable
  • Some of the bell helmets are heavy, and you can’t wear them for a long time



3. HJC Motorcycle Helmetstop motorcycle brands

Next up, we have the HJC helmets. And this company is also aiming to make the safest and highest-quality helmets for motorcyclists. Also, this company is serving many states for 45 years with the best helmets. Best of all, HJC helmets are safe, so if you got an accident, it would secure your head.

Besides that, the HJC company started in 1971. Since then, this company is making durable, comfy, secure, decent, versatile, and budget-friendly helmets. Also, this company is having the best helmets because it meets or exceeds DOT safety standards. As if that’s not enough, the HJC helmets go through independent testing to mark them secure and safe.

Why You’ll Like It!

Moreover, the HJC helmet is constructed with fibreglass. Also, you can choose to buy a lightweight helmet or a slightly heavier helmet though we prefer buying a lightweight helmet because the heavier helmets are suitable for long-term wear.

Similarly, this helmet brand has several types of helmets, such as half-face, modular, or open-face helmets. And if you have a low budget, HJC is the best option from which you can choose any motorcycle helmet.

Lastly, it is one of the best helmet brands that have affordable helmets in a wide variety. No matter which helmet you choose from HJC, it will give the best protection.

HJC Helmet Size Chart

top motorcycle helmets


  • These helmets are budget-friendly with the best features
  • The HJC helmets have several sizes available
  • The inner mesh lining is comfortable as well as washable
  • These helmets have good quality and lightweight construction with a versatile design
  • The HJC helmets don’t have a sound ventilation system, and you might feel suffocated.



4. Arai Motorcycle Helmets

motor cycle helmet ratings
Arai Motorcycle Helmets

Next up, we have another famous motorcycle helmet brand. And the Arai helmets are famous worldwide, many bike races, buy their helmets. Besides that, this brand has worked a lot harder to make a good reputation in the helmet market.

Moreover, still, the Arai brand is making the best helmets with even better quality. Best of all, Arai helmets are famous because they provide the best protection. And they meet the DOT safety standards as well. Also, they have maintained their standards to meet the requirements of the customers.

Plus, the Arai defiant helmets have much better and durable quality than other brands’ helmet. Also, their helmets have protection visors so it can protect the rider from the heat of the sun. And the Arai helmets have a high rating.

Why You’ll Like It!

Additionally, you will be amazed by the construction of the helmet because they are entirely hand-made. And this brand has several helmets for different kinds of rides. Also, you can buy a dirt bike helmet for Arai.

Do you know which is the best feature of Arai? It is the fitting of their helmets. No matter which helmet you buy, it will fit perfectly. Besides that, arai is one of the best helmet brands in 2022. And the flaw of this helmet brand is the cost. This brand has expensive helmets, but they will offer the best specs. Also, it comes with a long-term warranty period.

Lastly, this helmet brand is safe and secure for every rider.

Arai Helmet Size Charthelment world

  • Comfortable, durable and high-quality helmets
  • Lightweight helmets and you can wear them for long riding hours
  • It will reduce the traffic noise through the ear covering
  • Best fitting helmets
  • Expensive brand, not affordable by every rider



5. Shark Motorcycle Helmets

top rated motorcycle helmets
Shark Motorcycle Helmets

Next up, we have the SHARK helmets. This helmet company is founded by some car racers. Also, this helmet brand is having a good reputation on the market. The shark helmets have some of the top-rated helmets.

Moreover, you can buy shark helmets without any doubt because they meet the safety standards as well. Also, this helmet brand has numerous outlets worldwide. Do you know how many outlets SHARK has? It has 5000 outlets. And you can have the best helmets for riding.

Why You’ll Like It!

Besides that, this company has a target to make 350,000 helmets every year. And the shark has 600 employees that make the best helmet brands in France and other states. Also, this brand maintains the quality of every helmet by using modern and innovative technology.

Further, due to the fantastic construction of this helmet, consumers love to buy SHARK helmets. Unlike Arai, the shark helmets aren’t much expensive. No matter what budget do you have, you will be able to buy a shark helmet. Best of all, shark helmets come with a warranty period of 5 years.

As if that’s not enough, this company is making helmets for 20+ years. Now they have several competitors. Also, the shark is having the top rating for its several helmets. We recommend buying a shark company if you need a budget-friendly helmet.

Lastly, the shark helmets will offer a comfortable lining that makes you wear the helmet for an extended period.

Shark Helmet Size Charttop rated motorcycle helmet

  • This brand offers the best protection and absorbs shock in the accidents
  • It will not break easily or even crack
  • It has a durable helmet with long term warranty
  • Makes comfortable and lightweight helmets
  • It is easy to clean
  • It provides sun visor to protect the rider from heat
  • The padding on the inner side is less
  • A few buyers said that the fitting should be improved



6. Nolan Motorcycle Helmets

helmet ratings
good motorcycle helmets

Next up, we have the Nolan helmets that were founded in Italy. Since 1973, this brand is serving its customers with the best quality helmets. Best of all, the Nolan helmets meet or exceed the DOT safety standards. And you can trust this brand because it is reliable.

Why You’ll Like It!

Besides that, the Nolan helmet will provide the best protection to the rider. Also, you can wear the Nolan helmets while riding speedily. These brands make the helmets with the best fitting. And their helmets will not slip backward. Plus, you will have a high-quality helmet at an affordable price tag.

Now, if we talk about the features of Nolan helmets that offer face shields, also, these helmets are recommended to wear during the day. And the Nolan helmets come with earplugs that you can wear to reduce the noise.

Moreover, these helmets by Nolan are purchased by many racers in Italy. For example, Ricardo bought this helmet. Nolan offers several types of helmets with five years warranty.

Lastly, this company is one of the best helmet brands. Also, the Nolan helmets aren’t rigid, so they won’t break if they fell mistakenly. And you can see from the Nolan helmet because they have a more comprehensive view than other brand’s helmets.

Nolan Helmet Size Charthelmets for motorcycles

  • Best helmets to buy for any season
  • Offers the best protective helmets for the riders
  • The excellent ventilation system is present in the Nolan helmets
  • You can remove the parts of Nolan helmets conveniently
  • Nolan doesn’t make the smoke shield
  • Offers only one clear shield
  • Earplugs aren’t built-in in the Nolan helmets
  • Difficult to clean the Nolan helmet



7. AGV Motorcycle Helmetstop10 brand

Lastly, we have the AGV helmets.  This brand has several helmets that offer the best protection to the rider. And it has a good reputation on the market. The customers who bought a helmet from this brand are satisfied.

Moreover, the AGV is initially founded in Italy. And you can rely on the AGV helmets because they will provide the best protection. Also, you can wear the AGV helmets in all seasons.

However, these helmets from AGV are durable, comfortable, protective, and affordable. Best of all, the AGV helmets meet or exceed the safety standards of DOT.

Why You’ll Like It!

If we go back to the history of this brand, in 1947, this brand got famous due to its fantastic quality helmets. And this company is recognized by the world champions of motorcycle racers. Valentino Rossi bought this helmet for racing.

As if that’s not enough, you can buy this Italian helmet of the best quality. And it has a low price but not low quality. Besides, the helmet brand is making top-quality helmets that anyone can easily afford.

Lastly, the AGV helmets have a high standard of Europe. And their helmets have the ECE certification. Also, these best helmet brands will allow you to ride ore comfortably by blocking the external noise.

AGV Helmet Size Chartcrash helmet

  • The AGV brand make budget-friendly helmets so that everyone can afford it easily
  • AGV helmets will block-out the external noise
  • Gives a better view and riding experience
  • Comfortable helmets and superb ventilation system
  • You can wear the AGV helmets in any season
  • The chin guards of the AGV helmets aren’t tight
  • Fewer options available
  • Fewer colors and designs




Which Are The Safest Motorcycle Helmet Brands?

Some of the safest motorcycle best helmet brands are shark helmets, Nolan helmets, Arai helmets, AGV helmets, HJC helmets, and Shoei helmets.

Which Brand Has Better Specs Arai Or Shoei?

No doubt, both the helmet companies have high-quality helmets. But when it comes to the fitting of the helmet, Arai is the winner. But the Shoei helmets have other exceptional features that beat all other helmet brands. However, both best helmet brands have an exceptional feature so you can buy any helmet that suits your budget.

Which Is The Best Helmet Of Arai?

This company has the best helmets, and one of the top-rated helmets is Arai RX-7V. This model of Arai is expensive, but it is quite a comfortable helmet. Also, it has exceptional quality and a durable inner lining. Plus, you can secure your head in an accident with the RX-7V helmet. And it has washable inner material to prevent any odour. Overall, it is a good-quality helmet in a high price range with the best vents.

Are Low-Price Helmets Safe?

No, prefer buying an expensive helmet. Because a cheap quality helmet will not offer the best protection, also, the cheap helmets may crack even if they fall on the ground, although you can buy a helmet that has DOT certification.

The Conclusion

Finally, you know much detail about the motorcycle helmet brands, you easily choose one for yourself. Also, you can distinguish which helmet brand is offering the best specs for its price. All you have to do is buy a helmet. Don’t just go on the looks of helmets. Consider safety first and then other factors.

Besides, make sure that you are buying a helmet that meets or exceeds the DOT certifications. We recommend buying a good quality helmet even if it costs more. Because the cheap helmets make or crack easily. Other than that, the helmet brands on our list offer a warranty period.

However, we suggest buying any helmet from the Shoei or Shark company as they have high-quality helmets with DOT certification. Best of all, they are offering a five-year warranty.

We hope that our helmet brands review is knowledgeable for you. Thank you for reading!











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