Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras 2023 Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

The beauty of a Motorcycle ride can’t compare to what you’ll experience with Motorcycle helmet cameras. You want people who love bikes riding as much as you do, so they too get an opportunity for joy on their vacation or work trip!
Auto-play Clip: One best way is through capturing video footage from your bike helmet camera while out enjoying yourself. The output should sound professional but still have some excitement in it—this helps create the perfect balance between being informative without sounding stuffy

However, not all cameras have been created equal. Due to this, I chose to review lots of the best-selling versions available on the marketplace, so that will assist you to opt for a camera that vibes together with your riding style, in which you want to ride, Any time of the day, and also one which will not hit on your wallet too challenging.

I have also created a buyer’s guide that lists all the versions that made it on my list, including advice concerning the way they rated and a few of the most remarkable features they must offer you. Below, you will get a comparison chart that comprises each of the cameras, making it on my must-have listing.


Top Five Motorcycle Helmet Cameras





Detail Page

100 Feet


90 Min

100 Feet


90 Min

98 Feet


60 Min

33 Feet


45 Min

Not Waterproof

Full HD

2 Hrs

1. Campark ACT74 Action CameraCampark ACT74 Action Camera

This model is on top of the lineup, offering impressive superb 4k picture quality, together with the capacity to record video footage from thirty frames per minute. Besides, it can take photos at 16M, enabling you to capture and discuss your footage together with family members and friends in excellent resolution.

Its equipped with a couple of hundred plus seventy degrees mirror lenses available. This version includes a two-inch HD display screen and an exceptionally flexible lens, which means you will not miss any information.


Additionally contained is a WiFi remote control, which lets you control the camera features together with your smartphone, which means that you can correct settings and edit files in real-time. At this time, you can immediately share videos and photos on social networking as a result of compatibility with both the Android and iOS systems.

However, It features a waterproof evaluation up to a hundred feet deep and features a watertight case. So not only is that this version ideal for helmet use, but it is also an excellent selection for swimming and surfing.

Included in the bundle are just two batteries. These are double rechargeable batteries with multifunctional accessories that will permit you to mount your camera into your wrist, motorcycle, or helmet.



  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Equipped with WiFi


  • Ninety-minute battery life
  • Three hour charge time


This version isn’t without its downsides, thinking about the brief battery life and lengthy recharging time. Still, it will provide excellent picture quality, comes packed with WiFi capability, offers simple to use controls that make it relatively beginner-friendly, and comes equipped with an impressive watertight score, an assortment of mounting options, and superb image quality.


2. AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action CameraAKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera

This camera features 4K picture quality at twenty-five frames each second for striking photos and prominent HD quality movies.

This version is extremely flexible so that you may adjust the angle according to your requirements, for example, seventy-degrees, one hundred and ten levels, one hundred and twenty-five degrees, and one hundred and seventy levels.

Moreover, The camera’s built-in smart gyroscope promotes picture stabilization and anti-shaking to generate smoother movie footage.

At this time, you may edit and discuss videos from this helmet camera by downloading the free program. Download the program to your tablet computer or smartphone and join the camera. This version features a WiFi signal that provides a ten-meter selection. The added HDMI interface will let you connect your camera to the TV.

Lastly, Before being underwater or in case of a heavy downpour, then you will have to set the watertight situation on the camera. The big two-inch display screen will provide you with a glimpse of your movie footage before sharing it on social websites. Concerning battery life, this version provides ninety minutes of recording time. Recharging the battery may take around 2 hours.



  • One hundred foot deep waterproof rating
  • Easy to use
  • Highly adjustable
  • WiFi-enabled


  • Included remote control wristband is not waterproof
  • Take too much time on charging


These flexible, simple to use Motorcycle helmet cameras provide excellent picture quality. This kit includes all you want to begin, including two rechargeable batteries, a remote controller wristband, and much more.

The adjustable camera angles allow you to catch each second, whereas the one hundred foot waterproof rating will permit you to utilize this camera to get a lot more than merely recording your experiences on your bike.

Moreover, This version is an excellent selection for all sorts of weather conditions. Therefore it is a superb purchase for the rider that likes to hit the street during the wintertime.


3. REMALI CaptureCamREMALI CaptureCam

If you’re searching for a trusted Motorcycle Helmet camera that enables you to record your cross country experiences, then this newest version by Remail is a superb option.

The 4K UHD video calibre offers crystal clear pictures with 12MP calibre, along with an ultra-wide-angle that comes in at a hundred and seventy levels for the audience or single shots using an automated timer or in real-time.

The Capture Cam is a great version that will permit you to shoot crystal clear video footage and graphics when you are on the street. With WiFi actions, it is possible to take images and movie footage from over thirty feet, utilizing the remote control.

You could even connect this camera to your tablet computer or smartphone through a WiFi link and control each of the camera capabilities with the Remail program, which can be used with both iPhone and Android apparatus. Downloading the program permits you to edit footage and images and discuss them on social networking platforms.

If you’re trying to find a watertight model, you will be amazed to find out that this camera may manage submersion around ninety-eight toes when you use the included waterproof case.

Lastly, The included carrying case is shockproof and will match all the included mounts and accessories, letting you neatly arrange all the accessories to maintain them exceptionally accessible.



  • Includes three batteries
  • App allows you to control camera functions
  • 4K image quality
  • Compatible with Android and IOS devices


  • Sixty-minute battery life


This version is an excellent purchase if you would like to hit the street and record your own experiences, even in inclement weather. This versatile camera can also be utilized in your helmet, mounted on your handlebars, or worn on your wrist.

Adaptable, highly flexible, and easy to use, this version is a steal for the price, plus a camera you’ll end up using throughout your most recent driving experience to capture significant moments and occasions.


4. GoPro Hero5 SessionGoPro Hero5 Session

GoPro is among the greatest names in sports camera use, so I was eager to review the bestselling versions, the Hero5. This camera is more durable, comes packed with some great extras, and features a stable home that can ensure your camera may take lots of abuse and use out on your way.

This version includes a curved adhesive bracket, a typical frame, a USB cable, a mounting buckle, and also horizontal adhesive bracket.

Unfortunately, compared to other cameras that I analyzed, this version has a relatively low waterproof score and can be submerged around thirty-three ft of water.

This version offers 10 MP and a resolution of 4k, which means you will enjoy crystal clear pictures and movie footage.

Furthermore, This camera has everything, such as one-button video recording, voice recording, and remarkable picture stabilization. The best option is you can download the GoPro program and discuss your movie footage and pictures with friends and family or upload images into your social networking accounts.
You could even download the Quik program to edit your footage and photographs for pro-quality outcomes. You might even pick from time-lapse styles and burst and single shots.



  • Time-lapse mode
  • Voice commands
  • 4K image quality
  • Compact mounting


  • Can only be submerged in thirty-three feet of water


This durable and flexible camera by GoPro includes all the bells and whistles that the rider may want, such as voice controls, two programs, straightforward controls, the ability to discuss videos and graphics as well.

also the ability to submerge up the camera to thirty-three feet, though some buyers might think about the shallow thickness rate a drawback. In general, this is a great version, and you know you can depend on it if you are on the street, on the beach, going for a hike, as well as diving.


5. Mengshen Motorcycle Helmet CameraMengshen Motorcycle Helmet Camera

This version provides 1080P movie resolution, using a very long battery life that comes in at two and a half hours, compared to sixty to ninety minutes, and this is precisely what you will receive from several top higher-priced versions.

The camera may also encourage a maximum TF card of as much as thirty-two gigabytes, but the card comes individually. The camera features a minimal compact design and provides an ultra-wide angle of one hundred and twenty-five degrees, which lets you adjust the camera in several tips.

This camera can capture crystal clear picture quality in an assortment of lighting requirements. Additionally, it will come with an integrated vibration engine, microphone, and intuitive controls, making this camera quite user friendly.

Furthermore, Unlike competing models within this price bracket, this version isn’t watertight, so it should utilize in inclement weather conditions, which may be a massive drawback for many prospective buyers.



  • Lightweight
  • Two and a half hour battery life
  • Intuitive controls
  • Affordable


  • Not waterproof


Although this version is reasonably priced and user friendly, the simple fact that it is not watertight can be quite limiting, particularly for the rider that enjoys hitting the street in the autumn and winter season.

Besides its lack of waterproof housing, the camera will not shoot loud video footage, and graphics provide a longer than typical battery life and design with a durable casing that can protect it in case it has dropped.

In general, this one-piece version is an excellent selection for all summer riders and people that aren’t tech-savvy and searching for a model that is easy and enjoyable to use.


Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a helmet camera may add a whole new element of fun and excitement on your next ride, and it may also be a great way to personalize your motorcycle helmet. Singling out a new camera to your bike helmet should appear like a no-brainer, mainly since the very best motorcycle helmet manufacturers also create Motorcycle Helmet cameras.

Still, if you’ve never bought a camera or you do not understand what features you need in a helmet camera to acquire the most sufficient, most exact footage, then you might wind up getting a version that provides low resolution along with a shaky video, which makes it impossible for you and your loved one’s members and friends to find a clear perspective of your riding adventure.

The manual is designed to help you through which features you require, these camera function, and what you may expect concerning performance and performance.

A camera designed explicitly for bicycle usage will make it possible for you to capture crystal clear video footage once you are riding at high rates, will permit you to record your cross country experience, and can allow you to share footage and pictures with family members and friends.

These Motorcycle Helmet cameras will be convenient if you would like to utilize them for your next bicycle trip, shield yourself in the case of a crash, or want a version that lets you get very creative and edit exciting videos that you could upload to social websites. Essentially, these cameras may add an excess element of fun and security to any riding experience.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

There are many explanations for why these Motorcycle Helmet cameras have been trending recently. Among the principal reasons is for security purposes. Luckily, for riders using a camera, such scenarios aren’t as common because filmed footage can readily demonstrate to law enforcement that the automobile driver has been the one at fault.

Furthermore, video footage may also prove useful in regards to an insurance policy premium. Motorcycle insurance may be pricey because riding a bike is thought to be very unsafe. Nowadays, many insurance companies will supply a considerably lower bonus to a rider who employs a helmet camera. Due to the evidence, it may provide to the insurance provider in a crash case.

There are lots of fun aspects associated with using a helmet camera. When you are riding, you can record a number of your favorite routes and observe them after you are home. You may use this footage to review your riding abilities or discuss your trip with family and friends.

In case you haven’t bought a camera, it can be because you do not know which version will work for you or what features to search for. I will discuss a few great features to Search for and make a Fantastic camera a great one.

Frame Rate and Resolution

As an increasing number of riders buy these cameras to capture events in the street, there has been a substantial spike in-camera earnings. These cans can be quite helpful in recording accidents, which will protect the rider from any next attribute.

These specs can allow you to figure out whether the camera you are considering provides top of the line picture quality. The greater the resolution, the greater the picture quality because a more excellent solution will ensure in-depth footage.

4K is the maximum resolution available. It supplies apparent footage and can be very sharp. But, Motorcycle Helmet cameras with this particular resolution frequently include a high price tag.

The footage may also occupy more space, which may be a problem if you plan a longer journey. 1080p is deemed regular resolution for the vast majority of cameras in the marketplace nowadays.

For the frame speed, the greater the frames each minute, or FPS, the simpler the movies will be. A high frame rate will likely be critical if you are thinking about making lots of supersized videos.

But cameras using a high frame rate will even take up a great deal of room. Ten frames per second are your current frame speed standard, and it’ll let you capture smooth videos.

Moreover, this kind of captured footage may occupy less space than videos that are shot in a higher frame rate. Bear in mind, versions with a higher frame rate often execute considerably lower in reduced lighting conditions.


High-performance versions are somewhat more durable, come packed with many different features, and frequently provide better picture resolution. A version that provides a stick outperformance will probably be crucial if you’re searching for a flexible Motorcycle Helmet cameras that can take care of many different lighting conditions and life on the street. A high-performance camera has to be able to:

  • Supply Numerous Roles
  • Run well at Elevated Rates
  • Record sharp footage
  • Provide wide-angle footage
  • Catch Pictures in HD

If you plan to record your experiences, you would like to catch the best video potential. The camera also needs to have the ability to take care of the elements.

Displaying footage from your most recent experience can be thrilling, but it can also be embarrassing when the footage is too shaky, so there is a lot of background sound, or so the footage is badly shot.

There are various versions available on the marketplace that can fix things like extreme weather conditions, such as wind, and fix problems like background sound and sometimes even shakiness of their footage. If you do not look closely at the features that may fix those problems, you might get a camera that captures footage that is not useable.

If you are thinking about using this kind of camera, be sure that you do your research, as there are particular models available which are designed for different functions. As a result of this, it is crucial to understand what features you’re searching for before you reach that purchase button.


Durability is another crucial facet of a fantastic helmet camera. These Motorcycle Helmet cameras have the ability to live life on the street and operate well in the rain and windy weather conditions. Several models can work much better in the rain than many others.

Furthermore, some versions will continue to have the ability to supply high-quality footage, even when you’re travelling over too rough terrain. You will also encounter versions offering many different resistances. The kind of camera you select will be dependent on where you would like to take it.


The dimensions and shape of this camera you purchase will even matter. The camera ought to be lightweight, compact, and extremely portable. A light camera won’t add too much weight to a helmet, which may hurt your comfort throughout a long ride and result in tension from the head and the throat.


Nobody will need to see a shaky video. Top of the line models will provide a high-quality line picture stabilization. An integrated gyroscope and camera will offer the ideal video and picture stabilization.

Electronic image stabilization is now a significant feature that could supply the perfect image stabilization. This feature operates by eliminating any blurring that may occur because of inclement weather conditions.

Consequently, if you do not intend on winterizing your bicycle, you can hit the street with your new weatherproof helmet camera and relish the beauty that lots of riders overlook when they shop their bikes during the winter season.


FOV, or area of view, is the whole area that’s captured by the lens. A fisheye lens can ensure you receive the maximum field of opinion because these lenses have broad angles. These angles will Offer a few Distinct FOVs, for example:

  • Wide-One hundred and sixty to a hundred and seventy degrees
  • Medium-One hundred and two levels

The sole drawback with this kind of lens is distortion, known as the fisheye effect. This tends to flex the picture around the corners.


A camera’s battery life is another crucial spec that you’re going to want to look closely at.  The very last thing you need to need to be concerned about is the camera expiring throughout the day when you’ve got no method of recharging.

Low-priced models may include a shallow battery lie of just half an hour.  Start looking for a version that provides at least one to two hours of operation per charge.

Typically, you can buy extra battery packs directly from the maker to enjoy more recording time. These batteries may offer you one couple of hours of recording time. However, they often feature an adequate cost time of half an hour to an hour.


Due to the smaller size, all these cameras typically include nominal storage capacity. As a result of this, I suggest purchasing a camera that provides an external SD card, which you may use for more rides. An SD card will make sure you don’t run out of space and overlook capturing significant moments. SD cards using a course ten evaluation will supply the very best performance.


High-end cameras will come with WiFi capability, and you’ll be able to directly stream the footage from your camera to your smartphone or PC.


A model with built-in GPS will automatically geotag any recorded footage so you can keep track of where you’ve filmed so that you can return to a specific location later down the road.

Sharing Features

Among the chief reasons a motorcyclist will want to utilize this kind of camera would be to talk about the footage together with family members and friends. If it describes you, then search for a model that will let you share your experiences with your loved ones and friends or social networking.

If you’d like the capability to upload your movie footage into your social networking accounts, then ensure that the camera you pick can connect to your smartphone, PC, and iPad.


Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity are also crucial in your desire to remotely control and access your documents in a space.  This sort of feature will even permit the user to utilize their camera through a Bluetooth enabled device.


In case you’ve got a front or rear-facing camera, you won’t have to see everything on your FOV, which means that you may use a high mount. Damaging mounts are a much better option if you put on a full-face helmet and you’re on the lookout for an off-center angle. For many riders, a chin mount could be perfect, particularly if you’re into aerodynamics.

Types of Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

There are several distinct styles, forms, and models of cameras available to pick from. Below, you will get a listing of both different formats available, which can allow you to select a model that will work for you, your riding style, along with your needs when you are on the street.


Some versions will only permit you to capture video footage also will feature just fundamental recording choices. Some could only have the ability to take lower aspect ratios. These cameras have been designed for the rider to capture audio footage and playback it or edit it afterward.


Many versions that you will encounter will come packed with a few nice extras like 4K recording quality, WiFi, and GPS.  These kinds of integrated cameras have been bundled together for the rider to concentrate on video editing.

These cameras may also be mounted to many different surfaces, not only your helmet, including your automobile’s dashboard or your bicycle’s handlebars.  These versions are somewhat more prominent and thicker than solitary style cameras, which means you will want to choose the excess bulky design and more profound weight into account before you purchase.

Protective Housing

A helmet is designed to protect the driver’s mind from injuries sustained upon effect. But a camera may also have to have its very own protective casing to ensure it is equipped to make it through a critical injury.

Since some versions can be quite delicate, I suggest purchasing a dependable and durable case equipped with impact resistance in your mind. The case has to be hard enough to protect the camera but should permit you to use the camera when the case is still on.

Loop Mode

Loop recording permits you to consistently record without the stress of how much space you’ve left over the SD card. With this style, the camera will magnify some old records to be able to make sure you’re ready to catch whatever you need without running out of space. Many versions will immediately activate this manner when the built-in shock detector has discovered impact.


Versions that are sixty dollars and below are reasonably necessary for layout but might include some great added features like GPS or an assortment of camera angle choices.

From the sixty to a hundred dollar range, it is possible to discover high-quality imaging, touchscreen capacity, and a more extended battery lifetime.

Models, more than one hundred bucks, will come packed with more features, enhanced durability, a more aerodynamic design, longer battery life, night vision, Bluetooth capabilities, and much more editing and angle choices.

If you are arranging a lengthy cross country travel, you want a built rigid model that supplies the ideal battery life you may find and a version that could handle inclement weather. Cameras with these attributes will frequently come at a high cost, but they will be worthwhile if you would like to record your trip using a durable and trustworthy camera.

Benefits of Using a Motorcycle Helmet Camera

  •  The capability to report injuries is among the essential facets of one of those cameras. The smaller dimensions of this bike make it increasingly challenging for other drivers to determine bike riders in traffic, resulting in a significant injury.
  • A camera will let you pull the events which led up to a collision in times when remembering the collection of events is challenging. A number of these choices are fantastic for the rider who wants to edit their footage & use it off the bicycle in their house or car.
  • Editing and producing movies. While the capability to edit or record a film when you are on the move is a huge incentive for some cyclists to get more from your camera, consider hooking it up to your PC to edit. It will also let you upload the footage online to your social networking accounts and reveal how to browse a specific area, designing a training video, or make a montage of your journey.
  • Try unique angles. When you are focusing on your trip, the camera can catch the footage around you. It is possible to see the recorded footage in the future and enjoy a completely new view of your experience and check out what you missed.

Final Thoughts

The very best motorcycle helmet cameras allow you to capture significant events, beautiful places, along with your trip as a whole. Many of the cameras I have included in my list are flexible, durable, and provide excellent image quality and image stabilization.

Therefore you don’t need to worry about a camera lens or some blurry picture. A number of these Motorcycle Helmet cameras are available at a fair price and will use many styles of helmets.

This buyer’s guide is intended to help you locate a camera that will do the job for your riding demands, based on where you ride, what time of day, and whether you’re the kind of rider that will ride their bicycle in wet and windy conditions.

This extensive buyer’s guide can allow you to limit your options, letting you get a camera that is the ideal match and one which includes all the outstanding features that enable you to capture each minute in your next riding experience.









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