Best Open Face Affordable Motorcycle Helmets – You will Love

Sometimes a full face helmet can be roasted, therefore an excellent alternative is an open face helmet. It provides protection, and your face is exposed to the elements so you can enjoy your drive without feeling coerced into the helmet.

Although some people display a vintage feel from the 1970s. Here we have the best open face helmet reviews, from which you can choose the best in accordance with your budget.

However, open face helmets are three quarters helmet which is great for some purpose. These helmets are more attractive than open-faced helmets.

So they will expose you to the outside elements a little more than open face elements. Wearing an open face helmet allows you to feel the wind on your face. Plus, the visibility is excellent, and they are lightweight as well.

So we put together the 10 best open face helmets for sale, have a look at our best choices and buying guide.


Top 10 Picks of Open Face Helmets

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1. Daytona Cruiser Helmet

daytona retro helmet
Daytona Helmet Review

Daytona helmets meet the DOT safety standard and come in various sizes to ensure proper fitting. Also, it is moisture-wicking and keeps the rider cool and comfortable. Plus, you have a quick-release lock that you can trigger with your finger easily. And you can easily remove the helmet.

Moreover, the Daytona helmet has a snap-on gloss black bubble visor. Besides that, the helmet is constructed in a good way. And you can feel safe as well as stylish while wearing this helmet.

Other than that, this helmet is slim and doesn’t make you look like a mushroom head. The helmet has a slim shape, and the chin strap can be quickly released, and overall it is lightweight.

Generally, all the helmets provide the best fitting if you follow the manufacturer’s sizing chart.

Unfortunately, the biggest drawback of this helmet is there is not much padding at the top corners. So this helmet is less safe in an accident. It is one of the best open face helmets.

Plus, the snap on the back holds goggles that may easily break. Finally, some of the riders don’t like the quick-release snap and prefer the D-ring style instead.


  • Quick-release strap
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight and slim
  • Not much padding



2. HJC IS 33-II Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

hjc is 33 ii review
HJC Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Are you looking for a helmet with an advanced polycarbonate composite shell? Then the HJC cl 16 helmets is best for you. Also, it provides superior fit and comfort through advanced CAD invention.

And has an impact-absorbing liner and a one-touch integrated sun shield that retracts quickly and easily. Moreover, the ACD, advanced ventilation system provides great airflow.

However, the nicest thing about this helmet is that there is no pressure on the temples of ears when you wear it with sunglasses. Further, there is a lot of room around the ears, so they don’t get folded over. Best of all, there is a space for a Bluetooth headset.

Additionally, The HJC open face helmet has a retractable sunshade that makes it versatile. Also, you can pop off the visor and install a face shield to keep the wind off your face while driving.

Other than that, the problem with this helmet is that it is long in the back. So, if you tilt your head back, you may feel the helmet is hitting your neck. Also, there are some complaints by the uses that this helmet is heavy and hard to manipulate if you are wearing gloves.

Finally, when you pull the sun shield down, it may be very close to your face, which is uncomfortable.


  • Retractable sunshade
  • Space for Bluetooth headset
  • Uncomfortable
  • Long from the back



3. TORC T50 ¾ Helmet

TORC Helmets
TORC T50 ¾ Helmet

Torc helmet has a retro look that comes in a variety of different graphics. For example, eight ball, skull, and gold sparkles.

Also, it has an ultra-suede liner that looks like leather, sometimes repels moisture. Although the shell is made of advanced Thermo polymer alloy and cheek pads are removable and washable. Plus, it meets DOT safety standards.

Further, TORC is available in different sizes XS to 2XL. Best of all, this helmet is very stylish and comfortable. Plus, it works well in the wind.

So you can remove the padding around the ears. Besides that, it is a cooler helmet and best for summers. Additionally, this helmet includes a snap on the back to hold sunglasses. It is a premium open face helmet.

Unfortunately, a big problem with this helmet is that it may be tight. But after some time it gets loose. And there is no ventilation system in this helmet.

Hence, if you use the windshield, you may feel suffocated. Although some users complained that the helmet looks like a Bubblehead, as it appears very large.


  • Retro style
  • Different graphics
  • Thermos polymer alloy
  • Meet DOT standards
  • Very large
  • Loosen over time
  • Not ventilated



4. LS2 Helmets Rebellion Open Motorcycle Helmet

ls2 rapid helmet
LS2 Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 rebellion helmet consists of a shell that is made out of tough kinetic polymer alloy. And it has a retro look. Plus, this helmet has a modern flavour and comes with ported flow-through ventilation. The LS2 is the best open face helmet in 2019 UK.

The port keeps the air flowing through the helmet. So you remain ventilated while riding. Other than that, the twin short peak shield system offers protection from the sun. It is the best open face helmet for touring.

Best of all, this helmet has two flexible options full option for total protection and halfway locks for the shades. Moreover, it has a quick-release system that allows you to put the helmet on, even when wearing gloves quickly.

Other than that, it has a removable, washable, and moisture-wicking material that keeps the rider dry.


  • DOT certification
  • Adjustable visor
  • Ventilation system
  • Moisture-wicking feature
  • Visor doesn’t provide over-all protection
  • Price



5. GLX Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

GLX Open Face Helmet
GLX helmets

Another open helmet is by GLX cruiser that is the perfect helmet for motorcycle riders. And it deserves to be in our review because of its minimalist design alone.

However, GLX is not only having a retractable shield but protects you from all sorts of bugs, dirt, rain, and flying debris.

Besides that, it is approved by DOT safety standards. And a smoke shield is also available but sold separately.

Other than that, this helmet has a great impact absorbing system that helps the old noggin against heavy blows. Finally, it is offering great protection comparable to that of a full-face helmet. 


  • Low price
  • Moisture-wicking liner for keeping the rider cool
  • Inner is removable and washable
  • Quick-release system
  • The helmet is not suitable for types of head sizes



6. TORC T55 Spec-Op Helmet

TORC Helmet
TORC T55 Helmet

Another helmet from TORC brings to mind the military and hi-tech machinery. Further, it has great features to be the right open face helmet. TORC offers better visibility to the rider and wind flow.

Moreover, it has a slick helmet with great painting. More than that, TORC has a solid construction, which means you will be safe on the road.

And the best part about this open face helmet is the lightweight design. It is a lightweight open face helmet that the wearer probably won’t even notice the weight.

Furthermore, it offers better comfort than a traditional full-face helmet. Usually, after an hour or two, the rider feels pain and discomfort in your neck.

But TORC will never give you a chance to complain, so if you are on a long trip, riding across the country, then this is the best helmet.  It is the best open face helmet summer.

At last, this helmet is available at a reasonable price.


  • Lightweight and anti-bacterial lining
  • Dropdown visor stays out of the way
  • The dropdown visor is tricky
  • The helmet may be a size smaller than other helmet sizes



7. Core Vintage Open Face Helmet

Core Vintage Open Face Helmet
Vintage half Face Helmet

This helmet is offering the best retro feel and gives the 1960s feel to the helmet. Also, it provides the best protection for the face compared to other open face helmets.

Moreover, the core vintage open face helmet is the safest model on the market. And the exterior is covered with increased durability and scratch resistance.

Plus, it meets DOT safety standards. Other than that, the core vintage open face helmet has a great helmet to have on the open road. So, if you need a helmet to travel across the countryside, this is the best option to buy.

Besides, the core has automotive-grade paint. Plus, it has increased durability and comfortability for the rider.

Best of all, this helmet is scratch-resistant. Nevertheless, if you need an open face helmet with extra protection, then choose core vintage.

Lastly, this helmet has a removable and washable liner. But it may not fit all head shapes.


  • Nylon liner
  • Lightweight
  • Removable and washable liner
  • DOT certification
  • May not fit all head shapes
  • Snaps don’t hold the visor accurately


8. VCAN Cruiser Gloss White Motorcycle Helmet

Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet
VCAN Motorcycle Helmet

This model of open face helmet is a low profile and basic look. Also, the riders tend to flock because of its retro feel. It is specifically designed as the 1960s feels to it.

VCAN cruiser glosses white motorcycle helmet comes with a visor that is perfect for improving the visibility in bright light.

Also, it has a zippered neck skirt to keep out the cold air. And this helmet is best for the cold season.

VCAN cruiser doesn’t offer a ventilation system. You might feel suffocated in the summers and winters while riding with this helmet.


  • Vents of the forehead are adjustable and keep you cool on warm days
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Affordable price
  • Retro look and has a built-in visor
  • The visor is difficult to adjust
  • Outer shell tends to scratch easily



9. AHR Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

AHR Helmet
AHR Motorcycle Helmet

AHR motorcycle helmet is solidly built and offers nice features at an affordable price. Moreover, it is lightweight and has a tough ABS shell. Further, the AHR helmet has a high-density buffer layer that will protect the rider.

Other than that, this helmet is available in four size options. Plus, it offers the type of comfortable and cushioned fitting that most riders need. Besides that, this helmet has an adjustable chin strap that keeps the rider secure. It is a lightweight helmet that has a removable visor that protects the rider from the sun, debris, and bugs.

Lastly, it keeps the helmet solidly in place, even when you are in an accident.


  • Affordable price
  • Thick layer for better protection
  • ABS shell
  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Minimal neck protection



10. ILM Motorcycle Helmet

ILM Bluetooth Helmet
ILM Helmet review

This ILM helmet is an open-face retro helmet. And the back shell features a shark face design. The looks of this helmet are very reminiscent of the 1960s. And ILM helmet is made out of lightweight ABS material, and it is incredibly durable.

If you are looking for a helmet that is lightweight and promotes itself for longer use. Plus, you don’t need to deal with tension in the face or neck. Unlike, full-face helmets are heavy, and they cause fatigue after prolonged use. But this helmet comes with a single smoky visor. Also, the visor is removable.

Furthermore, the visor is specifically designed to handle bright light and can protect the wearer’s eyes from harmful rays of the sun.

Additionally, it protects the rider from flying debris and wind. Other than that, the interior liner is removable and washable. It is one of the best open face helmets.

Lastly, this helmet has a DOT certification. And it gives buyers peace of mind knowing that it meets certain safety standards.


  • DOT certification and made of ABS material
  • Padded chin strap
  • Low price helmet and great paint job
  • Washable, removable and thick liner
  • Bulky helmet design
  • A rider may experience high noise of the wind



Buying Guide of Open Face Helmets

There are some of the important features that you must consider while buying an open face Motorcycle helmet.


It is one of the essential features of a helmet because if your helmet is not comfortable, you are unlikely to wear it for long hours. Also, make sure that the helmet fits according to the shape of your head. And then inspect that it fits properly. The helmet shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. This helmet allows you to customize it for your comfort. And you don’t have any pressure spots on the head.


Any helmet you buy shall be approved by DOT safety standards. If a helmet is not certified by DOT, it means that you have a risk of getting an injury. Although many brands of helmets have the DOT certification. Safety should be your priority over all other things while buying any helmet.

Noise Reduction

Open face helmets are noisier than other types of helmets because they are less aerodynamic. Although some of the brands of open face helmets are quieter. Although wind noise can exceed 115dB and it is harmful to the rider. Possibly, buy a helmet that produces a little sound.


All the helmets are of different styles when it comes to their conception. So you should notice one that connects to your style. Some helmets are bigger than your head others might be sleeker than low profile helmets.


If you are looking for a lightweight helmet, we suggest buying an open face helmet. These helmets are lighter than all other types of helmets. Side by side, they are strong and have protective qualities. And they don’t cause fatigue than other types of headgears.

Better Visibility

Open face helmets with visors provide better visibility. And you have a wider vision with them. So if you are a rider who enjoys feeling the wind on your cheeks when you are on the road, open face helmets provide the best experience. And they are much cooler than full-face helmets. As they don’t have chin bars and air flows towards your chin.

We hope that you keep these features in mind while buying open face helmets.



What are the best open face Motorcycle helmets?

Some of the best open face helmets are DOT Daytona Cruiser, HJC IS 33-II Open Face Motorcycle Helmet, TORC T50 ¾ Helmet, Core Vintage Open Face Helmet, and AHR Motorcycle Open Face Helmet.

Shall I buy expensive open face helmets?

Yes, open face helmets are made of carbon fibre, which is strong as well as lightweight. These helmets will prevent fatigue and make you feel lighter. There are different helmets at a wide range of prices, so buy any helmet as per your need and budget.

How much should I spend on a safety helmet?

Helmets are available at a wide range of prices. You can buy a helmet for between 70$ to 150$ helmets. Also, it depends on which helmet you’re buying for which rider category.

Are cheap helmets safe?

There are different brands of helmets, but the quality differs. Usually, good-quality helmets are expensive, and they offer better protection and comfortability. We will prefer to buy an expensive helmet. Although if you are buying a cheap helmet, make sure that it is DOT approved.

Are TORC helmets worth the money?

As long as it fits your head, they are worth the money. Remember that TORC is not the only high-quality open face helmet brand. In that respect are other brands listed on our list, such as Daytona, ILM, AHR open face motorcycle helmet.

What size is perfect for my head shape?

One of the best things to do is to measure the circumference of your head to find the perfect helmet. Likewise, you must check the sizing of a particular brand to ensure that you buy the helmet that fits correctly.

Wrapping Up

After all, you will now have an idea about the best open face helmets and what factors to consider while buying a helmet. Many countries have a law to wear helmets; otherwise, they fine the rider or give them tickets. So make safety your priority of buying a helmet, and you can get rid of getting fined or tickets.

Our top pick for the best open face helmet is the TORC ¾ helmet. Because it is cool and has a retro look. It comes with removable features that help keep you cooler in the summer. As well, the DOT Daytona cruiser helmet is budget-friendly and a low profile helmet that has a quick-release strap.

Other than that, you can select any of the helmets as per your choice and need. So, Helmets are necessary for the safety of the rider.

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