Coolest Motorcycle Helmets – 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

The coolest motorcycle helmets will make you look stylish while riding on the road. Plus, you can have your favorite color in that specific helmet you choose. While looking classy, these helmets in our review will give you the best protection. Also, you will love the design of the coolest helmets. We have several helmet brands in a wide price range to buy. And you will feel more confident enough, riding with a cool helmet. Check our top seven picks below.

However, with the coolest motorcycle helmets, you don’t need to modify them. Instead, some of the helmets are customizable, so you will be able to make changes if required. No doubt, the helmet is an essential gear that you may need every day. In our buying guide, you will get to know more about motorcycle helmets. So after reviewing, pick the one helmet that suits your needs and style. Let’s dive into the top nine picks.



Top 9 Picks Of The Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

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1. Shoei Men’s Rf1200 Motorcycle HelmetCoolest Motorcycle Helmets

Our top pick of the coolest helmets is the Shoei men’s RF 1200 motorcycle helmet. And this helmet has a high recognition worldwide. Also, you will have amazing features with this helmet. Besides that, this helmet is comfortable to wear, and you will have the best ventilation with this helmet.

More than that, this helmet has a better lining that is washable and removable. A motorcycle helmet with the best fitting will provide fantastic protection. Also, you will have the best experience with this motorcycle helmet. Due to its classy look, you will ride with this helmet confidently.

Other Features

However, the motorcycle helmet of Shoei has a comfortable interior. Also, you will have a snug-fitting, and the rider can ride at any speed with this helmet. Besides that, this helmet is lightweight so you can wear it for several hours comfortably.

Besides, the Shoei helmets have a pin lock visor system that will keep the rider warm in cold weather. Best of all, this helmet is certified by SNELL, and it went through several tests of safety. The price of this helmet is not affordable, but you will get the best specs with it.

Lastly, many users prefer buying this helmet because it is compact and lightweight. Also, this helmet is tight for some of the users.

  • Comfortable helmet
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent ventilation and design
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Expensive helmet
  • Too tight for some of the users
  • Pin-lock visor system is not easy to use at night



2. Arai XD4 Motorcycle HelmetArai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet

Next, we have the Arai XD4 helmet that has the best quality. Although Arai helmets are expensive, they offer the best protection. Besides that, this helmet has high-quality, and it is the best adventurous helmet.

More than that, the Arai helmet, excellent ventilation system, and you will have a fresh feel in this helmet. Also, it will block the Fogg in the winter season. And this helmet is ideal for the dual-sport bike.

Other Features

Besides that, the Arai helmet is one of the coolest helmets. And the visibility of this helmet is incredible. You can view it from all angles. Also, this helmet will give a clear vision even from the horizontal sides.

Furthermore, this helmet is ideal for the most exhilarating adventure. Also, the Arai helmet has a solid frame that will not break easily.

Lastly, the Arai helmet is excellent for those people who are conscious of the style and design of the helmet.

  • Clear visibility
  • Comfortable
  • Great ventilation
  • Shell is durable enough
  • Expensive helmet
  • Ventilation can be improved
  • Chinstrap is not adjustable



3. Bell Moto9 Mips Off-Road Motorcycle HelmetBell Moto9 Mips Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Another coolest helmet is the bell moto9 off-road motorcycle helmet. And this helmet is known as the best helmet in 2022. Plus, the price of this helmet is affordable. So you can buy this helmet without spending much money. Also, the bell moto 9 has an impressive shape and design.

More than that, this helmet is cheap, and you can have the best look with this helmet. It is one of the reputable and protective headgear worldwide. Plus, you can impress others with the bell moto-9 motorcycle helmet.

Other Features

On top of that, if we look at the other features of this helmet, you’ll be amazed. It has a proper ventilation system so that you can wear it for a long time. And you will have a high-quality liner with this helmet as well.

Besides that, this helmet is tested to meet the requirements of the rider. Also, it will protect the rider in a better way. Plus, this helmet is ideal for tours.

Additionally, this helmet has several features at an affordable price. You can wear this helmet in any season. In summers it will give proper ventilation to the rider, and you will not feel suffocated in it. And in winter you will be warm enough.

Consequently, several professional motorcyclists buy this helmet. Also, you don’t need to spend much money to have the best specs.

Lastly, this helmet comes in several designs

  • Several features
  • Amazing ventilation system
  • Cool designs available
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable, cool helmet
  • Ideal helmet recommended by the professionals
  • The flagship of the helmet ensures the best quality
  • No cons as such



4. Nitrinos Nts-004 Street Helmet Full Face with cat EarsNitrinos Nts-004 Street Helmet Full Face with cat Ears

Next, we have another cool and helmet that has DOT and ECE certification of safety. It is the best full-face helmet with a great appearance. Also, the shell of this helmet has durable ABS material. And you can measure the size of your head before buying this helmet.

However, this helmet is offering several sizes, and you can choose the one that suits you the best. If we take a look at the dimensions of this helmet is having medium, large, extra-large, and XXL sizes. Also, this helmet will offer the best protection in accidents, and you can wear it for adventurous rides.

Other Features

Besides that, this motorcycle helmet has three colors, and you can choose any of your favorite ones. The colors of these helmets are black, white, and rainbow.

Overall, this full-face motorcycle helmet has durable material, and it will absorb the shocks. Also, this helmet has a wide viewing area so you can see everything.

  • Durable ABS material
  • Absorbs the shock
  • DOT and ECE certification
  • Three colors available
  • No cons as such



5. Motorcycle Full Faced Helmet YEMA YM-829Motorcycle Full Faced Helmet YEMA YM-829

Next, we have the YEMA-829 motorcycle helmet that has EPS multi-density. And you can have the ABS aerodynamic shell with it. Also, you will have a dual sun visor, and you can have a retractable lens with this helmet.

Best of all, this motorcycle helmet has a clear outer shield. And you can have a quick-release chin strap with the YEMA motorcycle helmet. Plus, the ventilation system of this helmet is fantastic. You will never entirely suffocated inside this helmet. And you will have a full shield that displays everything.

More than that, this YEMA motorcycle helmet has a quick release buckle as well. Also, you can remove the inner pads and wash them for maintaining hygiene. And the vents of this helmet are fantastic, and you will have a DOT certification that ensures this helmet is safe.

Other Features

Other than that, this helmet has a fresh design and several impressive features. Also, you will have the best modern elements with the YEMA motorcycle helmet.

So if you are looking for a motorcycle helmet that is ideal for cruising and racing, then YEMA is the best buy. And this adventurous motorcycle helmet is for women and men. Plus, the durable material of this helmet will absorb the shocks from the hard surfaces.

Additionally, this helmet has a multi-density EPS lining. And you can have a convenient chin strap with this helmet that can be removed with gloves as well. Also, it has a visor shield that will protect the rider from the sun rays. And you can remove the visor shield as well.

On top of that, this helmet is convenient and comfortable for all riders. And you can have a good ventilation system with it as well. The vents of this helmet will keep the airflow inside the helmet. Plus, you will stay cool with this helmet.

Lastly, this helmet has removable lining pads, and you can keep them clean by washing it. And you can wear glasses with them comfortably. Plus, for the best fitting, you must buy one size larger than your head size.

  • EPS liner
  • Removable pads
  • Best fitting
  • Excellent vents
  • Unisex motorcycle helmet
  • Bit pricey helmet



6. GLX Unisex-Adult GX-15 Lightweight Motorcycle HelmetGLX Unisex-Adult GX-15 Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

Next, we have the GLX unisex motorcycle helmet that will protect the user from hard impacts. Also, this helmet has soundproof material, and you will not hear the traffic noise. Plus, this material of The helmet will never crack easily.

More than that, this motorcycle helmet has large upper holes for the airflow. And you can easily adjust the chin strap while wearing the helmet. Also, it has an adjustable sun that will protect you from the impacts. Plus, this helmet has a tinted visor for optimum protection.

Other than that, this motorcycle helmet has a removable visor that you can easily clean. Also, it has a base plate that will let the air flow inside the helmet to keep the wearer fresh. And you can wear this helmet in the fog as well. It has a unique 3D face shield that allows the user to view everything. Plus, it has a breath guard that you can use to stay warm. Also, the chin strap can be removed without any hassle.

Other Features

Moreover, this motorcycle helmet has a quick-release chin strap and washable lining. Also, you can remove the inner lining without any hassle. The microfiber lining of this helmet will never make you feel sweaty. And, you can secure wear this helmet for the adventurous ride.

Overall, it is the coolest helmets of GLX that comes with universal fitting. Plus, you will get one year warranty with GLX unisex helmet.

More than that, this helmet is imported from the USA. The GLX company started in 2002. And you can have the best riding experience while wearing this UNISEX helmet.

  • Washable and removable lining
  • Comes with a microfiber material
  • Quick-release chin strap
  • Optimum protection
  • Not approved by DOT



7. YEMA Full-Face DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet YM 831YEMA Full-Face DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet YM 831

Next, we have another model of YEMA that has better specs than the previous helmet. Also, it has a fashionable design. And you can this DOT-certified helmet for optimum head protection. Plus, this helmet is ideal for racing, cruise, and street riding. Also, you can buy this helmet for the dirt bike.

More than that, this helmet is for men as well as women. Also, it has the outstanding material of aerodynamic design. And you can have an EPS liner with it as well. Plus, the chin strap of this helmet is comfortable to release with gloves as well.

However, the YEMA helmet has a sun visor shield that is ideal for protection against harmful sun rays. Also, you will have an option to remove the sun shield. Plus, the ventilation system of the YEMA is super airy, and you can have fresh air inside the helmet.

Other than that, this helmet has a lightweight construction, and you can conveniently wear it for hours.

So if you need a helmet to go on the extended tour then YEMA is the best option to buy. As if that’s not enough, you will have the removable pads that are washable as well. Plus, you will have a space in the helmet that allows you to wear the glasses as well.

Other Features

Besides, we recommend buying a size bigger than other helmets. And this full-face helmet is durable due to ABS material. Also, you will have a lining of EPS. Plus, the sun visor system of this helmet is removable.

Overall, this motorcycle helmet has a removable inner lining, and you can wash the inner material to avoid the odor. Also, it has air vents that will keep the rider ventilated.

Lastly, this helmet meets the DOT standards, and it is a unisex helmet.

  • Meets the DOT standards
  • Full-face helmet
  • Easy to use
  • Washable inner pads
  • Incredible material
  • No cons as such



8. Scorpion Exo Covert Unisex AdultScorpion Exo Covert Unisex Adult

Next, we have the Scorpion Exo covert unisex motorcycle helmet. But this helmet is loud, and we are telling you in the beginning, so if you are finding a quieter helmet, prefer buying any other helmet.

Besides that, due to its loudness, sometimes the rider gets frustrated, and you can’t wear it for a long time. But if you like being loud, then this is the best helmet for you.

Other Features

More than that, this helmet is cool due to its looks, and the white color is attractive. The color of the helmet matters a lot while riding anywhere. And if you want attraction, then this is the coolest helmet to buy. Also, the glossy look of the helmet will never fade away.

However, this helmet has one flaw, and that’s the ventilation system. The scorpion helmet is best for cold weather. In the summers, this helmet will make you feel suffocated.

Best of all, this helmet is certified by DOT, and that ensures the safety of the rider. The half shape shell design makes the rider good looking.

  • Coolest motorcycle helmet and listed at number.23
  • The dropdown visor will protect from the sun rays
  • Construction of helmet is durable
  • Enhances the look and confidence of the rider
  • Much more refreshing than the others
  • Some people don’t like the design of the helmet
  • Price of the helmet is high



9. Marvel Legends Series Stars-Lord Cool Motorcycle HelmetMarvel Legends Series Stars-Lord Cool Motorcycle Helmet

Lastly, we have the marvel motorcycle helmet that has two LED lights. And you can have the best fitting with this helmet. Also, it has a full-scale premium role that you can be the best of all Marvel series. Plus, this helmet has built-in speakers that allow you to listen to music while riding.

More than that, this motorcycle helmet has an excellent finish as well as fantastic detailing.

Other Features

It is the best helmet for those people who want to look cool while riding. And the unique design of this helmet will attract others. This helmet has electronic SFX, and you can see them clearly from the eyes of this helmet.

Besides, the marvel helmet has a great fitting that will adjust to all head sizes easily. And the glowing LED lights of this helmet will view everything at night.

Overall, the best feature of this helmet is the built-in speakers. And it has music player technology as well.

  • Glowing LED eyes
  • Built-in speakers
  • Music technology – detection
  • No cons



Buying Guide of the Coolest Helmets

In this guide, we’ll tell what factors are important while choosing the coolest motorcycle helmet. Also, you don’t need to do any research after reading this guide. Also, you shouldn’t compromise on the price of the helmet because the price tag depends on the features of the helmet. And the coolest helmet has impressive specs as well as design.


In our review, we have the DOT-certified helmets that are the safest of all. And the department of transportation has specific standards that a helmet has to meet. The helmets have DOT certification. Also, the safest helmets provide the best protection, and you’ll be riding securely.

Head Size and Fitting

If the helmet has a proper fitting, only then it will protect your head. A helmet should not be loose or tight because it will be uncomfortable. Also, you should measure the size accurately while buying the helmet.

A tight helmet will make your head hurt. Also, the loose-fitting of the helmet is not wearable for a long time. But if you are buying a helmet for longer tours and adventures, make sure to measure the head size accurately.

Besides, we have the ergonomic shape helmet that will give your head the best comfort level while riding. Also, you don’t need to wear glasses with these coolest helmets because it offers the sun shield as well.


Any helmet with inappropriate vision will increase the risk of accidents. Also, consider visibility while choosing the coolest motorcycle helmet. Besides that, there are several helmets in our review that have a broad shield for better visibility. Also, some of the helmets require sunglasses for additional security.


Ventilation is necessary for every headgear. Some of the helmets aren’t wearable in the summer weather because there are no vents inside them. On the other side, the ventilated helmets have good airflow inside them to keep the rider fresh and cool. Also, a helmet with a proper ventilation system will make the riderless sweat. A helmet with snug-fitting will provide the best ventilation system.

Design And Aesthetics

For enhancing the overall look while riding, you need to see the aesthetics and design of the helmet as well. So prefer buying your favorite shape and color of the helmet. Every style of the helmet will give the same protection and comfort level. Also, you need to check the helmet’s graphics. Plus, some of the helmets in our list are customizable. So you can change the design of the helmet as per your preference.

Chin Strap

Some of the helmets have an adjustable chin strap, so you will have the option to make it tight or loose. Also, a few helmets will allow you to take off the helmet easily by a quick-release chin strap.

Additional Features

Additional features of the helmet have speakers and microphones in them. Also, motorcycle helmets are quite innovative. Plus, the Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to listen to any music and phone calls as well. But the extra features in the helmet will increase the price tag of the helmet.


The price of helmets varies from one company to another. And you will be having better quality helmets in an affordable price range as well. Plus, the coolest helmet brands have a wide price range so that you can choose one according to your budget.


The last factor is the warranty period, and you must buy a helmet with a warranty. Also, you will be able to repair the helmet in the warrant period. So it is better to buy a helmet that has an extended warranty period. Also, you will be able to claim the company for any kind of defects in the helmet.

Our guide will make you choose the coolest helmet with the best specs.


Which Are The Coolest Helmets Available On The Market?

Some of the coolest helmets available on the market are ShoeiMens Rf200 Motorcycle Helmet, Arai XD4 Helmet, Bell Qualifier DLX Full Face Helmet, and O’neal Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet.

Which Brands Have The Safest Helmets 2022?

Some of the safest helmets in 2022 are Scorpion Exo Covert Unisex Adult, Bell Moto9 Mips Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet, and HJC Star Wars Unisex Full Face Motorcycle Helmet.

Why Are Shoei Helmets Better?

Shoei is one of the top-selling motorcycle helmet brands all over the world. Also, this brand has a fresh design. Plus, Shoei tests their helmets with their standards. Best of all, this brand has a comfortable lining with extra padding.

The Conclusion

Congrats! You reached so far as to read the article. By now, you have undoubtedly had chosen one for yourself. And if you haven’t decided yet, we suggest buying the O’neal Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet that has an ABS constructed shell, moisture-wicking lining, padded chin strap, and integrated face shield.

Besides that, the second suggestion is the Bell Moto 9 Mips Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet. It has a fantastic design and shape. Also, several colors are available in this helmet. The bell helmets are safe because they meet or exceed the SNELL safety standards.

We hope that you find the coolest helmet from our review. Thank you for reading!








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