How to measure helmet size: the ultimate guide.

Not everything should be one size and when it comes to protective gear like a helmet you should own a great fitting one. Nowadays we have to deal with the restrictions of pandemics that also have restricted window shopping and real-life view of things. So we are only left with online alternatives.

If you are wondering why you need to measure properly in the first place, it is necessary for your own comfort and no irritation while making use of the helmet.

When you choose the second option of online shopping, the one thing everyone faces is the horrifying size guide.

So how will you find the right size for your helmet? By measuring the part and comparing it with the visible guide. And for that, we have created this awesome guide on how to measure helmet size for bikes. This can teach anyone to measure their helmet sizes on their own.


How to measure head for motorcycle helmet:

1. Open the size guide which we have provided of the helmet that you wish to buy. It should look like a table with two different measurement units: one showing the size name and the other mentioning the proportions.

2. Get a measuring tape and measure the size by wrapping it around your head. Simply measure your head from the broadest part and note your measurements. Make sure to keep the measuring ends before your eyes and in front of a mirror. Else you can also take the help of a friend, fellow or family member.

3. Compare the size with what is mentioned in the size chart before you.

 4. Another way you can save yourself from the tiring job is to take your old or previous helmet provided that it was fitting you in all the right places and measure it with the tape. Repeat the above-mentioned steps to achieve the final result of the right size.

Remember that all helmets, if made nicely, are composed of adjusting straps so if you end up buying an extremely fitted one, you can loosen it up. If somehow it does not seem to help, you can buy a bigger one. The same goes for if you mistakenly buy a loose or bigger one.

 Let’s take a look at some of the size guides of some helmet brands that have been helping their customers.


1. Evo helmet size chart.

This size guide right here is quite simple to understand. All you need to do is get yourself a measuring tape and do as mentioned earlier in the universal guide. Keep the measuring ends before your eyes for which you have to do the process in front of a mirror.

Size nameMeasurement (in cm)


2. Bell helmet size chart.

For those who want both inches and centimeter measurements, here it is. Bell helmet size guide that shows all the sizes the company has to offer.

In case your head measurements somehow fall between two sizes, we suggest you first try on the smaller size of the chosen helmet. This size guide shows variants and their overall sizes.

sizecentimeterHat sizeinches
X small53-546 ⅝ -6 ¾20 ⅞”-21 ¼
Small55-566 ⅞ -721 ⅝ – 22”
medium57-587 ⅛-7 ¼22 ⅜”-22 ¾”
large59-607 ⅜ -7 ½23 ¼”-23 ⅝”
X large62-637 ⅝ -7 ¾24-24 ⅜ “
XX Large63-647 7/8 -824 ¾-25 ¼”
For youths
Small50-515 ⅞-6 ⅛19 ½-20”
medium51-526 ⅛-6 ⅜20-20 ½ “
large52-536 ⅜ -6 ⅝20 ½-21”


3. Shoei helmet size guide.

The company itself suggests that you measure first and then find the perfect one. As we have mentioned earlier, measure from the largest or the broadest part of your head. The company also offers an extra small size which is not made by a lot of other manufacturers. Not compromising on quality and durability, the smallest size is 51 to 53 cm in measurements.

Here is what measurements they offer. shoei helmet size chart

Size nameMeasurements in cm.
Xtra small53 cm
medium57 cm
large59 cm
xl61 cm
xxl63 cm


4. Arai helmet size guide.

Another great and durable product, that has been made popular amongst its users for variety and its ability to cater to everyone’s needs.

Arai helmet size chart

SizeMeasurement in inchesIn centimeter
2XS20-20 ½51-52
XS20 ⅞ -21 ¼53-54
SM21 ⅝-2255-56
MD22 ½ -22 ⅞57-58
LG23 ¼ -23 ⅝59-60
XL24-24 ⅜61-62
2XL24 ¾-25 ⅛63-64
3XL25 ½-2665-66


5. AGV helmet size guide

With the liberty for their customers to get their goods in best possible durability and great services, AVG is another one that provides best in class helmets to people.

Here is what they offer in terms of sizes.
AGV helmet size chart

Ordering sizeHead circumference (inches)Measurements in centimeters
XS53-546 ⅝ -6 ¾
S55-566 ⅞ -7
MS577 ⅛
ML587 ¼
L59-607 ⅜ -7 ½
XL61-627 ⅝ -7 ¾
XXL63-647 ⅞-8
XXXL65-668 8/ 1 -8 ¼


6. HJC helmet size guide

A tip shared by the company itself to always keep in mind is to never buy anyone’s used helmet in any case or even borrow someone else’s. This is necessary for your safety as the protective foam might degrade over time and use which might prove fatal.

HJC helmet size chart

Size namecentimetersHat sizeinches.
XXS51-526 ⅜ – 6 1/220-20 ½
XS53-546 ⅝ -6 3/420 ⅞ -21 ¼
S55-566 ⅞ -721 ⅝ -22
M57-587 ⅛ -7 1/422 ¼ -22 ⅞
L59-607 ⅜ -7 1/223 ¼ -23 ⅝
XL61-627 ⅝ -7 3/424- 24 ⅜
XXL63-647 ⅞ -824 ¾ -25 ¼
XXXL65-668 ⅛ -8 1/425 ⅝ -26
4XL67-688 ⅜ -8 1/226 ⅜ -26 ¾
5XL69-708 ¾ -8 1/427 ¼ -27 ⅝


7. Shark helmet size Chart.

Always leave some room for yourself to breathe into as an extremely fitted helmet will suffocate you beyond thinking and you would not be able to focus on what’s before you.

The shark comes in very sophisticated and minimalist measurements that are easy to measure and understand by anyone. This is a great choice to go for when looking for something worth your daily use.

shark helmet shell sizes

Size nameMeasurement in  centimeter


8.Suomy helmet size chart.

As compared to arai and Shoei, Soumy runs a smaller size. Hence it is a great choice for people with smaller heads or teens using helmets for the first time. A medium in arai is equal to a large in soumy. If you are considering this helmet, go a size bigger than usual or your fit size in order to get it is the best version for you.

Suomy size chart

Size namecentimetersinchesHat size
X Small53-5420 ½-20 ⅞6 ½ -6 ⅝
Small55-5621 ¼ -21 ⅝6 ¾ 6 ⅞
Medium57-5822- 22 ½7-7 ⅛
large59-6022 ⅞ -23 ¼7 ¼ 7 ⅜
X-large61-6223 ⅝ -247 ½-7 ⅝
Xx large63-6424 ½ -24 ⅞7 ¾-7 ⅞
3xl65-6625 ¼ -25 ⅝8-8 ⅛


9.Nolan helmet size chart.

Designed especially for the use of the road, these helmets have been a trustworthy partner for a long time with travelers. If you are in search of a great daily use helmet for cities and long journeys as well, we highly suggest this one.

It offers the following sizes:

Nolan size chart

Helmet sizeMeasurement


10.Schuberth size chart.

How can you go wrong with such effective sizing of helmets and durability of Schuberth?

They also suggest and we agree that if a helmet does not fit you properly and compliment your use, it is not meant for you. No matter how much budget you allocate to it, the purpose still remains standing, which is to be a perfect fit thus giving enough room for you to breathe as well.

Its sizing looks something like this:

Schuberth helmet size chart

In cmIn inchesSchuberth sizesSize names


12.Ls2 helmet size chart.

Using an easily available measuring tape, act the process as mentioned above to exactly find out the circumference of your head. Make sure to measure the broadest part of your head.

Ls2 helmet size guide

Helmet sizesHead circumference (cm)Head circumference inches
2xs51-5220.8- 20.47
xs53-5420.87 -21.26
s55-5621.65- 22.05
m57-5822.44- 22.83
l59-6023.23- 23.62
xl61-6224.02- 24.42
XXL63-6424.80- 25.20
3xl65-6625.59- 25.98
4xl67-6826.38- 26.77
5xl69-7027.17- 27.56

13.Nexx helmet size chart.

The Nexx helmets company suggested what we have mentioned, which is to first measure with exact numbers and find your helmet then go for a try on. While trying it on you should check for the flexibility of movement of the head both vertical and horizontal. Once you are satisfied with such small and crucial factors, you can go ahead and buy them.

Also, it should not create any pressure on your head and face. The company itself suggests you look for any redness or discoloration right after removing the helmet. If you find a red spot anywhere, it indicates the helmet is too tight for you.

Adult size nameIn centimetersIn inches


Helmet size by age:

Safety is extremely important especially for kids. Either you ride a bike with your kid or they are on their own cycles, having a helmet can bring a secure ride. You can choose any of the following sizes depending upon the age of your kid.

Age of kidHead size in cmHead size in inches
1 year4618.11
2 year4818.89
3-5 years5120.07
6-10 years5320.86
11 + years5622.04


Final words:

Finding the right size is not a problem unless you refer to a lot of guides available. In order to save you from the hassle, we have come up with the top and best-in-class manufacturers of these protective gears. As they are a necessity, you should focus on getting yourself something that can withstand weather conditions and daily jerks as it will be surely subjected to those in no time.

We are sure that if you follow the steps we mentioned earlier and refer to our guide when in doubt, you will not have any trouble with your helmet.

Another thing to keep in mind is to not go for cheap material or something that looks attractive to the pocket as they might not be safe for you and not trustworthy.


What is the right size for a teenager?

Anywhere between medium to large is what most teens have been needing. Another thing is it depends on what shape you have for your head so you will need to measure the head itself.

What size do I need for a 23-inch head?

You firstly need to look at the inches section that we have provided in these size guides. Then find the 22-23 inch section where it usually is a small or a medium. If for some people you are somewhere in the middle, try on all the sizes between the two options to find the perfect fit. For online buyers, go for a slightly bigger than your size and try it on. You can always return if not up to the mark.

Are agv helmets true to size?

It has been found to fit like a larger one. Although all the size guides are mostly similar.

What to do when your head measures between two different sizes?

You simply need to try on all the available options between the two sizes, for instance, a small and a medium. It all boils down to the fact that you physically have to wear helmets made by anyone to know if you are able to bear it or it feels like a brick.

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