How to Paint a Motorcycle Helmet Complete Guide for Beginner

Turning into the best Motorcycle rider is not an exact cookie-cutter choice, which likely means you are not a cookie-cutter individual. You like being different from everybody else, which generally translates to only being you, and you also do not only go with the status quo. You are a fascinating person who appreciates an exciting ride, which usually means that you may customize your Motorcycle Helmet to the point it isn’t even understood as a specific model or brand. It is entirely and uniquely yours.


how to Paint a Motorcycle Helmet


But if you like the notion of a customized bicycle that is not like anything else on the market, why stop with that? Even though it may look like a foreign land, you do not need to have an artistic bone in the human body to interpret that particular thought into other kinds of riding. Motorcycle helmets could be dull sometimes, let us call it how it is. The majority of the time, they are either very bland or so out there that you would not want everyone to see you wearing something like this. So once you understand what look you desire from a motorcycle helmet. Still, it does not exist, who is stopping you from making it yourself?



The Best and Easy Way to Paint Your Motorcycle Helmet

Most of us love motorcycle DIY jobs, and so long as you are prepared to spend time and effort, it is possible to make something that nobody else will be wearing.


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Here are some key Actions to follow when you choose to paint your bike helmet:


I am just going to slip this proposal in here until you start throwing paint around as your helmet begins to seem more like a kitty painted it. In case you have some patience and give yourself the time to believe every measure through, I guarantee it’ll turn out better than you ever anticipated. That is not to say it’ll be stellar appearing, since I do not know whether your painting abilities are Picasso- or stick – degree, but you will nevertheless be amazed by what you can achieve with a while.

Clean the helmet and remove key parts:

You would not paint onto a canvas that has been coated in dust, Right? Alright, perhaps you want, but do not comply with the exact same notion when you paint your bike helmet. You want to be certain it’s as clean as you can so you’re working with a fantastic base. In case you’ve got a complete face helmet, you are likely to need to select the visor off so you don’t pay it at the paint. The ideal method to wash out the helmet would be to utilize a few grease remover, however, remember to wear gloves so you are not marking this up using fingerprints.


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Sandpaper out the hell of it

Yes, it is dull, but you should not skip this step. You will want to use wet sandpaper to ensure that the surface will catch the paint more readily. Maybe you can skip this setup if you want to, but you may discover that your final product does not look as great or continue as long. Following that, wash it off with a moist rag so you can grab any contaminants on it. Do not worry; the exciting part is coming. I presume.

Create your layout:

There is hope in the conclusion of the arts and crafts tunnel. It is time to make the plan you need and pays for the areas you do not need to paint with tape and paper. Continue with your first coat of paint on the helmet, but be sure to let it dry. It’s possible to apply an additional coat, to be secure. After that is dry, you can get rid of the paper out of your layouts, cover the remaining part of the helmet, then paint your layouts. The newspaper will make sure different regions remain in various colours.



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Insert that clear jacket:

You are almost there! Take off all paper and tape so that each of the colours can correctly put in the helmet as soon as you’re confident that what is dry, it is possible to employ a Urethane clear coat. That will present your Motorcycle helmet with that shiny finish you’re looking for and help lock from the colours under it. Following that, go on and reassemble your Motorcycle helmet in case you’d like to remove any components.

That was all right, but I’m not sure how your helmet turned out. However, regardless of the appearance, know you did it entirely on your own, likely saved a significant bit of cash, and may now put on a helmet you know nobody else has.


What kind of paint do you use on a motorcycle helmet?
Paint your design with water-established acrylic paints and brushes. All these water-based paints are safe to use on helmets. Let every layer of paint before applying another one so that each layer can bond to the surface of the own helmet. It will help prevent the paint from peeling off.

Is it OK to paint a motorcycle helmet?
From painting your helmet, you might be putting your mind in harm’s way. If you sand through the outside of your helmet to the ceramic or plastic, you’re weakening the surface of your helmet. That is the reason you’ve got to be quite cautious when taking the older paint from it.

Can I spray paint my crash helmet?
Any place that is not likely to be painted ought to be masked off. The inner shell should be completely covered because the paint or fumes used during spraying may come into contact with the inner housing and, in extreme cases, melt.









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