Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Chart – 2023 A Complete Guide

The most effective and essential safety measure a motorcyclist can purchase is the helmet. No other single piece of motorcycle gear provides more protection or much more return on investment, even in an accident. This explains why a motorcycle helmet should not be bought based on the price or appearance. A rider should buy the best fitting, most highly rated helmet he or she can afford

Buying a helmet demands a little bit of research to understand the different shapes and purchase the best fit. In this motorcycle helmet sizing guide, we cover the following crucial aspects to choosing the Right motorcycle helmet.

  • Shape
  • Sizing a Motorcycle Helmet
  • Helmet Fit
  • Types of Motorcycle Helmets

But, you must understand a bit about safety evaluations. All helmets accepted for use in the USA include the Department of Transportation (DOT) rating. Other Security ratings comprise Snell and the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE). Snell and ECE often have stricter testing, but that does not signify a DOT-only accepted helmet is any less safe for highway travel.

You may read more about security ratings by studying The Big collection of DOT, Snell & ECE Approved Motocross Helmets. The main point is your ideal helmet would be the one which matches is comfortable and lets you ride without reevaluating your assortment of movement or capacity to do the vital functions to safely operate a bicycle.



The most crucial helmet fitting facet to think about before determining helmet dimensions is helmet form. The form of the rider’s mind plays a vital role in choosing a correctly fitting bike helmet. All helmet makers are designing their lids to match a particular head form. These generally include three principal designations – intermediate oval, round oval.

  • Intermediate Oval: Shaped to get a mind that is marginally more front-to-back than it’s side-to-side. Most bike helmets may fall into this class since it’s by far the most frequent head shape; when a helmet doesn’t say its contour, this is usually it.
  • Round Oval: Shaped to get a mind that has virtually identical front-to-back and side-to-side dimensions. When the head contour is determined, it’s simpler to filter out the outstanding choice of accessible motorcycle helmets into some smaller, more suitable collection of those that can match the rider’s mind. Today it’s time to obtain the right size of the bike helmet.

Sizing a Motorcycle Helmet

Assessing bike helmet dimensions is as easy as buying an excellent fitted hat. The distinction is in the way in which the helmet matches over the driver’s head. The ideal instrument for this is really a seamstress or tailor’s tape measure. It’s flexible enough to wrap around the rider’s skull and noticeable at handy increments for determining a precise size. Use it to determine what size of helmet suits you:

  • Wrap measuring tape around the fullest aspect of their mind – that will be just over the ears around a half-inch over eyebrows for many – and then take the measurement in the brow. To find the most precise step, have a friend help with this measure.
  • Afford the dimension and compare it to the size chart on the webpage for the desirable bike helmet (you may need to scroll right down ). Every producer has sizing unique to its particular versions, so just trust the size graph created for the bike helmet being contemplated.

Some variance happens between different versions from precisely the exact same producer, and that’s why MotoSport provides a”Free First Exchange” program in case your helmet doesn’t fit properly. how to measure head size




Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Chart For Youth
Youth Helmet Sizing Chart

Helmet Fit

Every time a brand new helmet is worn, it must really be somewhat tight, together with the inside coming in touch with most of the mind, but not so restrictive that it causes any pain. There ought to be no”hot spots” – areas in which the helmet’s interior puts pressure on specific points of the face or skull – but it shouldn’t go around freely. With time, a helmet adjusts to suit the form of the rider’s mind because it’s worn out, “breaks-in,” and loosens a bit. However, it must never become loose enough to readily switch from side to side.

  • Set the helmet – it ought to be somewhat tight because it goes on within your mind.
  • The helmet should evenly sit on the mind using all the eye port’s top border just above the eyebrows and extend great peripheral vision to view side-to-side.
  • Set a finger between the helmet inside and the mind. In case it readily matches, tries a smaller size. Some helmet versions allow a shift in the cheek pads for improved fitment, so consider this when assessing appropriate pruning.

Finally, when deciding a helmet fashion – it is mainly up to personal selection for color, patterns, and protect tint but don’t forget the brighter and more comfortable to find a helmet that the more inclined motorists place a rider. The face shield shouldn’t obscure the rider’s eyesight, and tinted visors must only be utilized for sunny times.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets come in various types, or styles, each offering specific advantages to tackle a rider’s demands. Some riders enjoy complete all-around protection, while some prefer a slim strategy that mainly permits them to ride legally in these countries with helmet legislation. No matter you have lots of options to pick from

Indeed, selecting the best motorcycle helmet could be somewhat daunting. Read Deciding the most sufficient Motorcycle Helmet, which talks about these helmets a little more detailed and asks a few questions that enable you to narrow down the helmet’s very best style to the riding style. Meanwhile, some favorite ideas from the riding area include:

Shoei Neotec II - Modular Motorcycle Helmet
Shoei Neotec II – Modular Helmet



Arai XD4 - Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet
Arai XD4 – Dual Sport Helmet



HJC IS 5 - Open Face Motorcycle Helmet
HJC IS 5 – Open Face Helmet




GLX Cruiser Scooter, Motorcycle Half Helmet
GLX Cruiser Scooter, Motorcycle Half Helmet

Frequently Asked Questions about Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Chart

How do I know my motorcycle helmet size?
The ideal spot to quantify to get helmet sizing is just two finger widths only above the eyebrows, right over the ears and around the broadest area in the rear of your head. When measuring, the measuring tape ought to be almost skin-tight without using constricting pressure.

Are all motorcycle helmets the same size?
All helmet makers are designing their lids to match a particular head form. These generally include three principal designations – long oblong, intermediate oval, and round oblong. Long oval – Shaped to go forward, which is more forward-back (from the forehead to the back of the skull) than side by side (ear to ear).

Why do bikers wear bandanas under their helmets?
Why would bikers wear bandanas beneath their helmets? Bandanas loosen up the sweat, keeps it from your eyes on hot days. The effort also transports to the lower parts in which it behaves like an evaporative air conditioner if the bandana is Made from cotton or other substances that the wicked sweat and Permit it to evaporate.




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